Car GPS GM5150

7 Inch Digital Touch Screen Car DVD GPS with Screen Mirroring For BMW E46+ Map Optional

Reg: USD$599.00
Save: USD $150.00

Car GPS GM5156

Black 7 Inch Digital Touch Screen Car DVD Player with Screen Mirroring Function & GPS For OPEL+ Map Optional

Reg: USD$389.00
Save: USD $100.00

Car GPS GM5168

6.2 Inch Digital Touch Screen Car DVD Player with Built-in GPS & Screen Mirroring Function for Nissan + Map Optional

Reg: USD$319.00
Save: USD $80.00

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    1. Reviewer: Pete Palmer from UKModel: GE01B
      Ordered a GE01B DAB DVD,GPS,Reversing camera and a mounting frame from EONON last Sunday and it arrived in the UK this last Friday. Everything in one piece, nothing physically broken as it was well packed. Spent all of Saturday installing the unit in my old Volvo 850 estate. I took my time as I didn't want to do the job twice and also removing some internal body and Dashboard panels to route aerials and video cables were a little tricky.

      Everything went together without any crying or trapped fingers..!! Powered on the device and it all works. So at the moment I have a working Radio with FM,AM,DAB ,DVD,USB,IPOD,GPS and Reversing Camera for £250 delivered.

      So far very happy with the unit, the GPS found my location very quickly and I even managed using it to get to the supermarket in time to buy some beers to celebrate a successful mission. Big thumbs up for EONON!
      Posted on 09/22/2014
    2. Reviewer: MattVa from United StatesModel:GM5150

      My take...

      Nice unit overall.

      OEM Look
      Touch screen sensitivity is good
      Good Functions and Features
      Bluetooth works well
      LED color is pretty bang on
      Programmable canbus controls
      Runs IGo 8 Nicely
      Easy install (Non Fact Nav)

      Needs larger display for the RDS info
      Needs a real 7 or 9 band EQ

      I installed my GPS ant in the headliner at edge of windshield, works fine good signal.
      External Mic needed an extension
      Found it easier to reach in and pull the bottom up and in to engage lower clips, opened them up a little for better engagement.
      Had a few issues with older burned MP3 disks, not their issue, plays newer burned disks ok.

      Overall a good value, the hardware seems to be solid.

      Posted on 08/21/2014
    3. Reviewer: Grahamwright1 from United StatesModel:GM5153
      I have to say that my experience was excellent- my gut instinct said this would be a low quality unit, and many of the features would not work. I was pleasantly wrong, and everything simply worked when I installed it. It's a straight plug and play install if you are using the factory speakers, and that's what I did to test everything out.

      Comparing it to more established brand's, I have a "name brand" in my other car (Pioneer AVH-P8400) which was harder to install, and totally failed after 11 months. I liked the feature set, and functionality so I replaced it with a AVH-P8500. It's been fine for the past 5 months, but if it fails again then I'll buy another Eonon GM 5153 as it's an excellent value for the money, and has the basic feature set I'm looking for.
      Posted on 08/20/2014
    4. Reviewer: bose from irelandModel:d5154
      have received this unit and installed in my opel vectra c sri arrived on time as mentioned,build quality is good ,the radio reception is not very well but found the aerial adapter is the problem replaced with an autoleads one and works fine.sound quality is good and the vocals can be heard well,but miss a bit of bass might be better with subwoofer,over all much better than factory head unit,navigation works well,thanks eonon
      Posted on 08/15/2014
    5. Reviewer: southcounty92629 from United StatesModel:GM5150

      I got my GM5150 installed in my 2001 330ci a few days ago. So far I love the unit, it has been one of the best purchases I have made for my car.
      - The DVD player works great!
      - The iPod integration is solid.
      - The sound quality is noticeably better than the Business CD Player.
      - It looks very clean in the car and the new UI is very nice.
      - Installed iGo Primo on a class 10 Micro SD card and the maps and GPS signal work great.
      - Screen Mirroring is a pretty cool feature, though I couldnt get Netflix to stream properly. (iPhone 5s).
      - Bluetooth connection and call quality is one of the best I have ever used. ( Ran the external mic to the factory mic location by the sunroof. NOTE: this required an 3.5mm jack extension cable, only a couple bucks from Radio Shack.)
      - Installation was fairly easy with all the great DIYs out there. Just take your time and check all your work.
      - Customer service so far has been great and many questions have been answered.

      Posted on 06/24/2014

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