Car GPS GA5151

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Mazda

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Save: USD $133.00

Car GPS GA5156

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Opel

Reg: USD$532.00
Save: USD $133.00

Car GPS GA5166

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For BMW E39/E53- Support 3G/Wifi

Reg: USD$549.00
Save: USD $110.00

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    1. Reviewer: cold m3 from United StatesModel: GA5150
      Just got mine and installed it in less than a hour. The system works overall well and fitment was spot on! Light years ahead of the stock navi! Everything works well about my unit. Even got Torque using a BT dongle to work. Got the backup camera to work well. Widgets function too Love it!
      Posted on 12/11/2014
    2. Reviewer: Kpms from USModel:GA5153

      First impressions. This coming from a person who has never really dabbed in aftermarket stereos
      The devices looks NICE... It's clean and blends in well with my dashboard. I have a 2011 VW Golf and it looks like it belongs in their. The colors match perfectly and the screen is massive compared to the RNS510 I had. 

      The box did not come with ANY instructions for installing, but in less than a hour the installation is completed.Later I find the manual on the device itself as a PDF.

      Overall impression: This device works smoothly and operates just like a Tablet would. There is no lag when switching apps and seems to keep up with different items multi-tasking.


      Some Notes:
      I purchased a Rocket Stick from Craigslist as I had a left over line on my account for $5.00 per month it shares my pool of data (20 GB's) so I am very happy to report that the device sees the Stick. So while in the city and such I will be doing lots of Streaming from apps like D.I. Imported and Google Navigation.

      There is no play store when you first get the app but when you're at home in the Garage or have WiFi around you, you can connect and "Google Play Store.apk" and you can have it installed in a few moments.

      Last night after I had it installed I was using WiFi Tethering from my HTC Phone and it worked beautifully ( I didn't have the rocket stick installed ) and I was streaming music and the quality was Good! The kind of quailty you would expect when streaming audio through a head unit.

      The launcher that came with it has given a few forced closes on certain apps so I am switching over to the Google Now Launcher. The purpose of this is so when I am at the home screen I can just say "Ok Google" and off we go.

      I have yet to place or receive a bluetooth call or stream via bluetooth.

      It integrates well with my MutiFunction Stereo Wheel Controls. There is a way to remap the keys so again I need to spend some time on that. I also have the upgraded Instrument Cluster and while on the Radio app it will display the Radio Stn. When I was listening to Google Play though the MFD said "VIDEO" not quite sure there.

      If you like to Tinker and love the abundance of apps that Google has to offer you will like this Unit. It's nothing lavish or fancy but once you get in there and customize it I am sure you will like it.

      Posted on 12/02/2014
    3. Reviewer: jabird101 from USAModel:G2110
      2003 Hyundai Santa Fe using Metra 95-7309 mounting kit. I replaced the stock 11 year old stereo in my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. Not only does the G2110 fit perfectly, but it performs as well as it looks. I used the Metra 95-7309 mounting kit. The android interface is intuitive to use. I have found that it does take 10 to 15 seconds to boot when the car is started, but this is much faster than other units costing much more. The display is clear and the touch screen is precise. Today the temperature in Cleveland, Ohio, USA was 5?F (-15?C). I was expecting display hesitation, and there was none. The Bluetooth phone is the best I have used without a remote microphone, clear voice on both ends of the call. I have used Wi-Fi tethering, screen mirroring, Bluetooth audio, AM and FM radio and audio CD. Radio signals are clear and able to pull signals as well as the stock stereo. Bluetooth A2DP streaming and controls work well with my LG Nexus 5. I have loaded Waze for online (Wi-Fi tether to my phone) and iGO on a 4GB micro SD card for offline GPS. Both work well and are spot on with. I did put in a DVD and playback was very good on the 6.2 inch display. I would highly recommend this to anyone with 2 DIN dash opening. I would love to see this in a 1 DIN size with a flip up screen for my Fiat 500 summer vehicle.
      Posted on 11/24/2014
    4. Reviewer: Tim Sunderland from United KingdomModel:D5166
      Recently Purchased and fitted a D5166E into a 2001 E39 BMW Touring, i chose this model as i may to an X5 later and this unit had a little more power than D5124F. The unit is very good and the reversing camera and DAB V0036 unit all run good together. Brackets need a slight bend and maybe install them backwards to help as the unit sits out at the top a little due to all the wires behind, but on the E39 this is a good thing as it makes the curve less visible. All the steering wheel volume and next buttons work and my R/T button changes the mode to Aux/DAB/Radio the Voice button does the EQ unless in Bluetooth screen and then brings up the key pad or a second press redials the last number. i Had a couple of install points but support have been very helpful in replying to all my questions. Overall the unit over very good, the sound quality over the BMW unit is far better and even on the original speakers is much loader and clearer, the GPS works well even with quirky directions when set to quick way home or to skip traffic. Bluetooth functions all work well and calls can be heard well, i have placed the additional mic just to left on the top of the steering column and picks up well. I would be happy to recommend the D5166E and looks factory a factory fit.
      Posted on 11/14/2014
    5. Reviewer: PATRICIO MANJARREZ from United StatesModel:G2110
      I had a pioneer double din for about 6 months, but the features were not as good as this eonon unit. Great price and very quick shipping. Online support is excellent. having trouble using screen mirroring with my galaxy s4. Other than that i would recommend this unit!
      Posted on 11/05/2014

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