Car GPS M1

6.2 Inch Digital Touch Screen 2 Din Car DVD Player with Miracast & DLNA Support & NFC Support + GPS + US/CA/EU/AU/NZ Map

Reg: USD$650.00
Save: USD $366.00

Car GPS GM5150

7 Inch Digital Touch Screen Car DVD GPS with Screen Mirroring For BMW E46+ Map Optional

Reg: USD$699.00
Save: USD $292.00

Car GPS GE01

7 Inch 3D Digital Touch Screen 2 Din Car DVD Player (Upgraded G2240) + GPS + Map Optional

Reg: USD$490.00
Save: USD $273.00

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    1. Reviewer: NZ330 from USModel: D5150
      I have received and installed my Eonon d5150. here a small review from my side as I believe someone wanted to know about aftermarket amp feature. The package came really well packed and boxed quite impressive. Including all the accessories and they look to be of a high quality especially the iPod cable and the like. The unit works flawlessly and everything seems to be fine, I installed iGo primo on it and it works without a hitch. GPS mix mode really makes this unit sound very professional and like a truly integrated stock system from BMW. My unit is only connected to an aftermarket pioneer amp. I'm not running any stock speakers from the head unit. I have 300WRMS being pushed into two alpine type r speakers. The head unit is able to produce sound quality on par with my Pioneer head unit which had 4V pre out. (obviously the gains need to be adjusted). The only thing missing here is a real equaliser like the top audio brands have. But you can always adjust it your self. Thanks eonon for a great product.
      Posted on 04/07/2014
    2. Reviewer: Robert Guimont from United StatesModel:D5153
      Great after market deck. I have a 2013 jetta, and it slips right in. If you cant press it in, it is just the wireharness. Tuck it and it will take care of it. It took about a few days for the time to match up with the gps location. But once it did it was great. Dvd is clear and this unit makes it as easy as flipping a switch to watch videos on it while car is in motion. It literally took me 20 minutes to put in. Came with the harness which is plug and play. I hooked up subs and amps with a breeze. Without the amps, the unit sounds as good as the factory unit which actually doesnt sound bad. The gps was easy to install also. I used the Kudos which came with the unit (paid extra). There were a couple reviews saying their unit came without the gps micro sd, but that is because they tape it under the lid of the box. Can easily be over seen. The one complain I have is radio reception is garbage with the included antanea. The stations are all static. You will need to buy the dual fakra aeriel adapter for this unit. $10 on ebay. Besides that, I love this unit. Shipping is immediate also. I live in California. I ordered it tuesday morning and received it thursday morning. I watched the fedex tracking and it was crazy fast. I will most likely buy more from eonon.
      Posted on 03/01/2014
    3. Reviewer: Joop Kukupessy from NetherlandsModel:G2213D
      Posted on 02/28/2014
    4. Reviewer: Matthew Schubert from AustraliaModel:M1
      Hi Susan, just wanted to let you know that I have done the upgrade on my m1 unit and it all works perfectly, I am truly amazed by your product I m so glad I found your product before I bought an inferior one, cant wait to finish installing the tyre pressure sensors and see how well that feature works as well. Thankyou very much for all your help its great to see a company that stands by there products and provide excellent after sales support. Will post pictures of the installation once it is complete. Thankyou very much again cheers Matt.
      Posted on 01/29/2014
    5. Reviewer: Jennifer Davlin from United StatesModel:GM5163
      Summary: I’m very happy with the unit. I love the way it looks in the car. I REALLY hope they release a patch to fix the MP3 issues! 

      My Info:2012 Mazdaspeed3 Bose system (navigation, keyless, …) Severe Cons: I have ~2900 MP3s on a single directory on an SD card. The GM5163 only detects 2000 songs. I have ~2900 MP3s in multiple directories on an SD card. The GM5163 only detects 2048 songs. Yeah, this is strange! Also, with configuration the SD card takes a LONG time to load before a song starts playing. -An SD card with many songs takes a while to load (~20s with one directory and >40s with multiple directories) ?With 2000 songs detected and shuffle enabled, it takes about 20 seconds to switch songs. 

      -Looks awesome. It looks like it could have come from the factory.
      -Quality is nice. 
      -The unit as a whole is very fast/responsive. 
      -Factory harness needed little modification with the Bose system, but other than that it worked like a charm. All other connections worked great. 
      -The right display shows the FM station, volume and displays the ‘mode’ the GM5163 is in. However, I wish it would display the FM station (if playing) while the navigation is running. It displays “NAV”. 

      -All of the documentation says the maximum memory capacity is 16GB. Well, 32GB works just fine! Even their “Live Support” said 16GB max. 

      -FM Radio: -The reception is the same if not a little better than the OEM radio. 
      -I think the FM radio sounds better than OEM.

      -The next station seek is very fast.
      -The tuning knob is very fast. 
      -I think it looks fine. 
      -The only thing I think they could improve on is the area that displays the information (song title). It barely has enough room for a word let alone the whole title. 

      -MP3s – See Cons! ?Rear USB2 – The USB in the back of the radio can be used for any media (MP3s, Videos and Pictures) 

      -SD Slot on the Front – Works with 32GB cards (which they say 16GB is max). I’ve tried MP3s and divx formats. 


      -The maps that comes with the unit works well. 

      -I put iGo maps on it. It takes a ~10s to load. It works very well. Even with maps running the unit is very responsive. 

      -I placed the GPS antenna on top of the vent (see picture). It picked up ~6 satellites in my garage with good signal strength. 

      -While NAV is running, MP3 from the USB2 or SD card plays fine. The radio continues without issue. A2DP streaming works just fine. 

      -The OEM navigation works too. However, I don’t think the audio prompts work. I haven’t tried… 

      -Mirroring – Works like a champ. My Note 2 had a few issues, but once I figured out my phone, I fixed my phone and it works well.

      -The NFC works well too. 

      -The GM5163 detects when the headlights are on. 

      -The GM5163 detects when in reverse. I don’t have the rearview camera connected yet. It’s too dang cold to install it at the moment. One minor thing, the harness that comes with the radio doesn’t have a connection for reverse specifically for the review camera. So, you’ll have splice into the GM5163’s harness (not the car’s harness). Not a big deal… 

      -DVDs – Plays them just fine. I wish the display could get a little brighter, but it works fine. 

      -Fader/Balance both work properly (yes with the Bose system). I’ve read a few places that the fader would not work and you needed a special adapter. Not true…

      Trivial Cons:
      -An EQ would be great. It has separate treble and base, but a 5 band EQ would be much better. 
      On the Mazda’s left display, the display item that shows the radio preset or the artist/album/title just displays “audio off”. 
      -I had to modify the harness that came with the GM5163. I cut the audio wires and put male RCA plugs on them. Then plugged them into the GM5163’s low-level audio out. This really isn’t a con since they said I’d need to modify it for a Bose system. It did work without the modification, but the lowest volume setting (1) was too loud.
      -A2DP doesn’t sound quite as good as the OEM radio (but it is close!) 
      -MP3 volume could be a little louder, but this may be just the way the Bose amp is. 
      Probably has nothing to do with the GM5163. 

      -The steering wheel phone control don’t work which I knew before buying the unit.
      I’ve read that there is an adapter that connects to the CAN bus that detects the phone buttons. Ive also read that it is impossible because those buttons interface to the Mazda Bluetooth module directly. At any rate, if I figure out a way to detect the button(s), the GM5163 has two wires on the back that may be able detect them.

      Posted on 01/27/2014

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