Car DVD Players G2110ZV

Android 4.4.4 OS 6.2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS Navigation (Upgraded G2110Z)

Reg: USD$544.00
Save: USD $245.00

Car GPS GA5156

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Opel

Reg: USD$568.00
Save: USD $199.00

Car GPS GA5180

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Chevrolet and GMC

Reg: USD$563.00
Save: USD $214.00

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    1. Reviewer: trevor church from AustraliaModel: A0110
      Hi I received the reversing camera on 27/2/15 thank you very much it arrived in excellent condition  my rating is 5 stars for you guys could you send me a list of what other items I can hook up to my Eonon touch screen  please I like the stickers you sent me as well A+++++++ SELLER....... THANKS AGAIN......
      Posted on 02/28/2015
    2. Reviewer: Van Ha Nguyen from CanadaModel:D5163Z
      The Eonon D5163Z improves on the existing D5163 by adding new features in the settings menu, a new sleeker layout for the menu and application homepage. They have also improved the sound quality of Bluetooth devices and radio quality. All in all, this new unit is a must buy if you are looking for an affordable aftermarket system that allows you to retain the steering wheel controls on your vehicle along with a plethora of features that dont exist on other head units.
      Posted on 02/07/2015
    3. Reviewer: k-joke from United StatesModel:GA5153

      To those who are asking about buying this unitI upgraded my stock RN510 mainly because it did not have navigation and I just hated the way the RN510 functioned with USB and SD cards. The GA5153 is great for the price, I love that it fits perfectly in the stock dashboard with no modifications and the ability to modify it in the ways you like is great.

      1) Fits perfect in the stock dashboard and looks great.

      2) you can add programs to your liking 

      3) sounds better then my stock unit

      4) easy install (if you are not installing the rear camera)

      Posted on 01/27/2015
    4. Reviewer: play4him from United StatesModel:D5124F
      Really like the D5124f. Great factory look and aesthetic. Replacing the old radio and cassette unit in my 528i was a great refresh. This makes it feels like Im getting into a new car! Huge thanks to Eonon for putting R&D effort into this awesomely affordable, BMW specific head unit. Currently have a few functional issues Im working through via emails to Eonon that hopefully we can work through. Overall a great unit. 
      Posted on 01/24/2015
    5. Reviewer: maxfury929 from USModel:GA5150

      Going on 2 weeks now. I've played with just about everything I care about with this unit.

      I use Waze and MapFactor for gps. MapFactor for offline navi.

      Radio reception
      I'm in Hawaii and everything is pretty strong will probably change in 7 months when I move back to the mainland. I mostly listen to MP3s anyway.

      No problems connected for music or phone calls. I saw some comments about the mic. I use this everyday and everyone I talked with can hear me clearly.

      I use MX Player and it works great. DVD is as expected.

      No issues with audio. When the volume is 0. I can hear the faint wifi buzz when using wifi. it's very faint. Volume on 1, I can not hear it.

      I pretty much purchased this unit because of the of these 2 capabilities. I am not disappointed. Basically it's a tablet for your car.

      Works with the lights as it's suppose to. Love the custom color option. No flickering noted. I even have an amp, two 12in woofers and a cap in the trunk. I guess the screen brightness would bother people at night. I have no issues with it. I don't know if it has a auto feature but the app screen lock will turn off your screen.

      Screen Mirroring
      Don't really care about this feature sense, as I pointed out earlier, the unit is a tablet for your car. I did attempt to get this to work, but I was not successful. I did not put 100% effort into this. Most states have laws were you are not allowed to be holding an electronic device while driving, so I don't need this feature.

      Steering Wheel Controls
      No issues. Works the same as my D5150 did. The call button does not work as it did for factory unit. This was not a deal breaker for me.

      Posted on 01/04/2015

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