Car GPS GA5151

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS with Screen Mirroring For Mazda 3

Reg: USD$532.00
Save: USD $133.00

Car GPS GA5156

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS with Screen Mirroring For Opel

Reg: USD$532.00
Save: USD $133.00

Car GPS GA5177

Android 6.2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS with Screen Mirroring For Jeep

Reg: USD$561.00
Save: USD $112.00

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    1. Reviewer: Tim Sunderland from United KingdomModel: D5166
      Recently Purchased and fitted a D5166E into a 2001 E39 BMW Touring, i chose this model as i may to an X5 later and this unit had a little more power than D5124F. The unit is very good and the reversing camera and DAB V0036 unit all run good together. Brackets need a slight bend and maybe install them backwards to help as the unit sits out at the top a little due to all the wires behind, but on the E39 this is a good thing as it makes the curve less visible. All the steering wheel volume and next buttons work and my R/T button changes the mode to Aux/DAB/Radio the Voice button does the EQ unless in Bluetooth screen and then brings up the key pad or a second press redials the last number. i Had a couple of install points but support have been very helpful in replying to all my questions. Overall the unit over very good, the sound quality over the BMW unit is far better and even on the original speakers is much loader and clearer, the GPS works well even with quirky directions when set to quick way home or to skip traffic. Bluetooth functions all work well and calls can be heard well, i have placed the additional mic just to left on the top of the steering column and picks up well. I would be happy to recommend the D5166E and looks factory a factory fit.
      Posted on 11/14/2014
    2. Reviewer: PATRICIO MANJARREZ from United StatesModel:G2110
      I had a pioneer double din for about 6 months, but the features were not as good as this eonon unit. Great price and very quick shipping. Online support is excellent. having trouble using screen mirroring with my galaxy s4. Other than that i would recommend this unit!
      Posted on 11/05/2014
    3. Reviewer: Rodney Jennings from AustraliaModel:M2

      I spent a lot of time looking around for a double din unit that I could 1. afford and 2. Offered some hope that it was at least reasonable in quality.I kept coming back to Eonon as I couldnt find anything that seemed even close to what they were offering so I decided to purchase the M2 and crossed my fingers.I have had the unit for a couple of weeks now, it is still not fully installed as i wanted to take my time and really check each and every function.I can say without any hesitation that I definitely did the right thing, I have tested everything pretty thoroughly and am very very pleased.The only thing I did was change the maps for the GPS, the ones supplied with the unit worked but I had others I wanted to use and they work brilliantly.I have a sub hooked up and the sound I am getting is outstanding especially how well priced the M2 is.I guess being really picky a higher res screen would be nice and I would be happy to pay extra for that, but really it works well as it is.Thank you Eonon for providing a great product at a very reasonable price.

      Overall your service, shipping and product has been excellent, I will be looking at how your products develop and will definitely purchase again, my brother is now looking through your products he was so impressed with mine.Thanks again,Rod.

      Posted on 11/04/2014
    4. Reviewer: John Reed from United StatesModel:C1310B
      I'm ordering my second radio from eonon today I have told all my friends and family how awesome there products and free shipping are ! this company eonon is first class and the features on there radios are exactly how they described. i will admit for the price that I paid which was "very low by the way". I just didn't expect to receive so many awesome features built in and not to mention all the add on:s that I could do later. please take my advice and buy one of these awesome radios and I promise that you will not be dissapointed.
      Posted on 10/27/2014
    5. Reviewer: TMOtester from RomaniaModel:D5151
      I have a D5151 unit and after more than one year I'm still pleased with it, but all the buttons got in a really bad shape because the guys at the washing centers didn't clean it well. There were scratches on the buttons, the light would come out of the scratches and they were looking quite bad at night.

      Well, I contacted the Eonon customer support regarding my issue. Not only that they answered me in the same day, but we exchanged mails without delay (just the time zone difference) and in the end they just sent me all the buttons (8 in total). They just arrived today, very well packaged.

      All in all, BIG thanks to the people from Eonon (especially Susan) for trying and helping so fast. A+ services! I had to write this because I come from a really bad experience with my previous unit (different mark, of course) where those guys didn't answer a single of my mails or topics on their forums, so I'm a bit amazed on the responsiveness and good will from eonon.

      Oh, almost forgot, the unit is so cool for the price! Thanks again and keep it up!
      Posted on 10/09/2014

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