Car-DVD-Players G2110F

Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS QUAD CORE 6.2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS Navigation

Reg: USD$411.00
Save: USD $82.00

Car-GPS GA5163F

Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS QUAD CORE 8 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Mazda  

Reg: USD$499.00
Save: USD $100.00

Car-GPS GA5156F

Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS QUAD CORE 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Opel (Black)

Reg: USD$532.00
Save: USD $133.00

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    1. GA5166
      Reviewer: Nils from NorwayModel: GA5166

      My experience with communication with Eonon before I ordered my unit, was flawless. Eonon always answered my e-mails fast and relevant to my questions. So my personal experience with Eonon is good, the unit however will need to be tested over time before I conclude anything.

      So couple days ago the my unit arrived with Fedex from Hong Kong (shipment took 5 days from HK).The unit was well wrapped with a waterproof seal and bubble plastic. 

      Everything was supplied as described on the Eonon site, except for one important thing NO INSTALLATION GUIDE at all.And I made my self a "installation guide" of installing the unit." Nils shared his GA5166 BMW Android Car DVD & A0115Z camera installation guide on the forum here:
      Posted on 06/11/2015
    2. Reviewer: Brand from AustraliaModel:GA5164
      The Enonon unit has been great. And i take pics for you and ask any questions and i'll answer. 

      Packaging and shipping:
      delivered within 5 days of placing order (including weekend) Delivery was via Toll and needed signing. Big box, lots of padding and everything was in it. Camera cam separate via HK/CN post about 2 days later. 

      Everything held in place by clips (that dont break when you pull them) 4 bolts hold the radio and AC controls, 6 screws hold the radio and AC controls together. I would leave half a day to do the install your self if you have never opened the dash. I can not probably do it in 1hr easy. Camera install was a lot more work. i didnt want to drill new hols for the camera so "expanded" an existing hole so i can slide the cable through (sprayed rust prevention around expanded hole too). two holes were made in the plastic trim above rear licence plate to hold camera. running wires was easy just follow the trim. GPS antenne was glued with double sided take next to rear view mirror 

      boot up from cold start was 30 seconds. during this time if you put the gear into reverse the rear camera will come on instantly (ie you dont have to wait for the unit to boot to use rear camera) big plus to me (probably standard on all units)

      was very fast im using Sygric but going to try iGO 

      Audio is great, no difference to the stock (i was happy with stock) you have equliser and fade/balance controls) steering controls work fine and can be mapped differently if you want. the radio app is very fast before i remove my finger from screen the next station is playing. reception is great as well auto detect finds stations i had no idea about. The is a "AMS" button that will retune the stations, dont use it. and i dont know how to disable it. basically it wil mess up your predefined stations. 

      BT was easy to setup and works within about 10 seconds after boot. using the built in mic i was told i sound a bit echoy but clear. radio cuts when you receive a call. 

      DVD works fine, i only used it to test though. 

      Touch screen is very accurate and swiping is fast an no lag. 

      Full access to Google play installed google voice and trying to get it to work with apps instead of using the on screen keyboard. it works via data but want to save offline voice files. may need to root it. theres a huge disscussion on XDA foums regarding this and similar units (1300 pages last time i checked) you can customerise the startup logo, but there is no LED customisation just white which dims when the headlights turn on. 

      Rear camera is very detailed, has no IR leds but looks great at night. has parking lines as well but the measurements are fixed so are not accurate. (1m on mine is actually 0.5m) this is probably due tot he angle i installed my camera. There are no reversing "beeps" to warn you if you are too close.
      Posted on 06/05/2015
    3. Reviewer: John DeFini from United StatesModel:GA5150
      I can tell you I'm really happy so far. As long as the quality of the hardware holds up then I think I got a winner. I installed so far Spotify and Plex and it works flawlessly. I am tethered to my phone and I added my Google account. Once I did that the unit basically became a tablet mounted in my car....exactly what I wanted. My steering wheel buttons control the volume, not the tracks on Spotify but I think I can program them as I found a steering wheel programing menu in the settings. Also, the damn sound is way better then the shitty "business CD" I made a slightly embarrassing video of me testing a few features.... take a look, pretty impressive if you ask me!
      Posted on 06/05/2015
    4. Reviewer: mariohernandezsilva from MexicoModel:GA5163
      The unit seems fantastic! It is really a plug and play unit. Steering wheel controls work perfect after unit installation. It is exactly has having a big screen cell phone in your car. You can share your cell phone internet connection and read emails, download files, play youtube, netflix, . I have been using the unit for about 2 weeks. Im very pleased with the unit. It makes you feel you are ridding a much more expensive car.
      Posted on 04/22/2015
    5. Reviewer: fredd589 from UKModel:GA5150
      Just an really, pretty good unit! May or may not of rooted it, get play store installed, Spotify steering wheel controls, currently playing round with tasker, need to look into it further, but managed to get Spotify to start 15 seconds after boot, 3g dongle working as well, overall rather impressed with it after using a good launcher and disabling some of the apps which I don't use to make the whole unit feel a bit quicker! Tunein radio Pro is awesome for look a like DAB.
      Posted on 03/23/2015

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