Car GPS GA5151

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Mazda

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Car GPS GA5156

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Opel

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Car GPS GA5180

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Chevrolet and GMC

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    1. Reviewer: maxfury929 from USModel: GA5150

      Going on 2 weeks now. I've played with just about everything I care about with this unit.

      I use Waze and MapFactor for gps. MapFactor for offline navi.

      Radio reception
      I'm in Hawaii and everything is pretty strong will probably change in 7 months when I move back to the mainland. I mostly listen to MP3s anyway.

      No problems connected for music or phone calls. I saw some comments about the mic. I use this everyday and everyone I talked with can hear me clearly.

      I use MX Player and it works great. DVD is as expected.

      No issues with audio. When the volume is 0. I can hear the faint wifi buzz when using wifi. it's very faint. Volume on 1, I can not hear it.

      I pretty much purchased this unit because of the of these 2 capabilities. I am not disappointed. Basically it's a tablet for your car.

      Works with the lights as it's suppose to. Love the custom color option. No flickering noted. I even have an amp, two 12in woofers and a cap in the trunk. I guess the screen brightness would bother people at night. I have no issues with it. I don't know if it has a auto feature but the app screen lock will turn off your screen.

      Screen Mirroring
      Don't really care about this feature sense, as I pointed out earlier, the unit is a tablet for your car. I did attempt to get this to work, but I was not successful. I did not put 100% effort into this. Most states have laws were you are not allowed to be holding an electronic device while driving, so I don't need this feature.

      Steering Wheel Controls
      No issues. Works the same as my D5150 did. The call button does not work as it did for factory unit. This was not a deal breaker for me.

      Posted on 01/04/2015
    2. Reviewer: omar shkokani from United StatesModel:GA5154
      I always wish if i had any car system in my car, the problem was am too sensitive for the appearance of the interior, then I notice the many many unknown brands stock looking car system with many negative reviews....finally I found EONON, I were interest with GM5154 but also a little afraid from the operating system as I have no experience with that windows..until I discovered this android device...first i read it , I said it's too perfect to be true with this price, i encouraged myself and brought's simply as they described it,,, a very smoooooth system, nice touch sensitive, the look is amazing...the perfect color i'll try to upload some photo or even some video, as I think the whole world need to know that there is awesome car system with a good price. to make the review useful i'll put some points: - radio quality, the signal is weaker than my stock radio but still ok and u won't feel difference outdoor. - the android system is smooth and clean. -Bluetooth is perfect as described with the contacts appearance. - easy install any android apps/ i installed IGO with Jordan map - I bought a camera from the same website, complete working smooth. - internet connection is great, i tried hot spot from my 3g mobile. Didn’t tried 3g dongle - cd is ok a bit laggy but working fine -quality of sound is good and high - very customizing- especially because it's android . - I have Samsung galaxy S4 with screen mirroring function, but still couldn’t connect with the device. all in all am very pleased and satisfied and recommend it for anyone
      Posted on 01/01/2015
    3. Reviewer: Facundo varela from AustraliaModel:D5175
      Greetings from Australia I bought this equipment that was, in theory, specifically designed for any Megane II. The equipment is good and I'm quite happy with it, but when it comes to installation in a Renault Megane that had originally a TUNER LIST radio... things get a bit complicated... nothing serious though, just a bit. The issue is that the harness that comes with the D5175 is for a Renault Megane with an UPDATE LIST radio. Both radios are very similar from the outside, but the main difference is that the “update list” uses the car’s CAN bus to communicate with the steering wheel controls. In turn, the “tuner list” uses a VDO communication protocol that is not standard. In addition some power cables and the antenna plug are different. You can differentiate one radio from the other based on the name that figures on the front, in the lower right corner. If you install this equipment (D5175) as is comes to your “tuner list” Renault Megane. The steering controls will not be recognized by the unit, you won’t be able to connect the antenna straight away and all the radio stations will erase themselves from the memory each time you turn off the car…. Not the best first impression, I know… HERE IS THE SOLUTION. You need to get an additional adapter harness designed for the “tuner list” radio (I found mine on Ebay UK, and Eonon even refund me most of its cost… good on you Eonon!). I’ll continue my explanation referring to the attached pictures (Unfortunately I can’t make separated comments picture by picture to be clearer… but I’ll use numbers instead) 1- This is the machine. Notice that is phase I, most “tuner list” Meganes are phase I (2002-2005)!!! 2- Just for inspirational proposes…this is how it should look like when you finish 3- This is the tuner list radio out of the car and a CD charger that was installed on the car 4- After you remove your old radio… cut the fascia plastic link to make space for the new unit…it should look like this 5- This is how you antenna cable adapter should look like. It’s called ISO to DIN (Motorola) antenna adapter 6- If you want to route the USB cable to a handy place its better if you remove the fascia. To do this, remove the two screws that at sight in the hole for the unit and two extra screws at the bottom. Also, you have four retainer clips two at the top and two at the middle. 7- I used a USB cable extension and I took it out of the dashboard by the OBDII access panel (the one that is on the bottom on the central console). In my case the wire was particularly flat and that allow me to take the cable out without having to drill any holes. (assemble the fascia when you finish routing the USB cable) 8- To install the GPS antenna and the external microphone you remove the central LCD panel. It has two retainer clips at the front and two around the middle. Be careful with the small sunlight sensor cable that is located well in the back (this in only for the cars with automatic climate control) when you pop the clips out. 9- This is one way of routing the GPS antenna and the microphone… try to place the antenna as close to the widescreen as possible to get a good signal. Also be generous with the adhesive Velcro... get some extra if you need it... You don’t want to have that little ting making noises all the time. 10- OK… let’s get down to the wiring. This is the connection diagram that came with the new special adapter harness that I got from EBay. 11- This is the new harness. I request it with the output prepared for Chinese radios. That is the Key1, Key2 and GND cables labelled without any special plug. You can also request it for Pioneer stereos and remove the connection jack. 12- First step… cut wires going to the CAN bus adapter that came with the Eonon harness. You won’t be using this because your car uses a different communication protocol. 13- Roll back and use some heat shrink to seal the cut CAN bus wires on the Eonon harness. Connect the GND cable (black one) to the GND cable of the new harness. In my case, I also connected the break cable (No13) to GND to avoid which videos on the car. Ideally you hould connect the break cable to the cable going to the handbrake, but I didn’t wanted to disassemble the arm rest. 14- Also connect Key1 and Key2 of the new harness to Key1 (No1) and Key2 (No11) of the Eonon harness. 15- On the Eonon harness cut the continuous power (No16) and ACC (No6) and interchange them. This will fix the issue of having to reset all the radio stations each time you stop the car. 16- Connect the new harness to the Eonon harness. 17- Get back to the car and connect the car’s wires to the new harness and the Eonon harness to the Eonon unit. Also connect the antenna, GPS antenna and external microphone. 18- At this point you are done with the adaptation. When you turn on the car and the central LCD display should say… Renault… that’s a good sign!... Now just configure the steering wheel commands following instructions in the Eonon settings menu and assemble all back together!
      Posted on 12/30/2014
    4. Reviewer: maxfury929 from United StatesModel:GA5150
      Installed yesterday. No special install notes over my D5150. I rewired my existing 5m extension cable cause I didn't want to purchase and reroute a new cable, took about 20 min. Everything works fine. I'm in Hawaii, the radio reception is good all over this small island. I did note when installing, there was no spacer included with this unit. I used the one from the D5150. Still need to pay with everything , but very happy so far.
      Posted on 12/22/2014
    5. Reviewer: cold m3 from United StatesModel:GA5150
      Just got mine and installed it in less than a hour. The system works overall well and fitment was spot on! Light years ahead of the stock navi! Everything works well about my unit. Even got Torque using a BT dongle to work. Got the backup camera to work well. Widgets function too Love it!
      Posted on 12/11/2014

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