Car DVD Players G2110ZV

Android 4.4.4 OS 6.2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS Navigation (Upgraded G2110Z)

Reg: USD$398.00
Save: USD $139.00

Car DVD Players GA5153V

Android 4.4.4 OS 8 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For VW

Reg: USD$579.00
Save: USD $190.00

Car GPS GA5180

Android 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS For Chevrolet and GMC

Reg: USD$521.00
Save: USD $172.00

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    1. Reviewer: mariohernandezsilva from MexicoModel: GA5163
      The unit seems fantastic! It is really a plug and play unit. Steering wheel controls work perfect after unit installation. It is exactly has having a big screen cell phone in your car. You can share your cell phone internet connection and read emails, download files, play youtube, netflix, . I have been using the unit for about 2 weeks. Im very pleased with the unit. It makes you feel you are ridding a much more expensive car.
      Posted on 04/22/2015
    2. Reviewer: fredd589 from UKModel:GA5150
      Just an really, pretty good unit! May or may not of rooted it, get play store installed, Spotify steering wheel controls, currently playing round with tasker, need to look into it further, but managed to get Spotify to start 15 seconds after boot, 3g dongle working as well, overall rather impressed with it after using a good launcher and disabling some of the apps which I don't use to make the whole unit feel a bit quicker! Tunein radio Pro is awesome for look a like DAB.
      Posted on 03/23/2015
    3. Reviewer: nvturbo from United StatesModel:GA5153

      Plug-and-play, no other wiring harness or trim kit needed. 

      - retains steering wheel controls 

      - orange wire removed from decode box (no blank screen when car is in reverse) 

      - button color can be adjusted to match interior color 

      - fits perfectly - audio level is louder than stock 

      - option of watching video while in motion (not recommended BTW), without the need for bypass module

      Posted on 03/11/2015
    4. Reviewer: rkosuperrko from USAModel:GA5153
      OMG this Eonon GA5153 is the best headunit hands down! Works great, fast, and all my steering wheel controls work. This price is so much cheaper than a pioneer yet its so much better. Great android that works with torque app, great navigation. For the price you get much more, buy this! Looks factory too which is the best part, and the red light matches the interior.
      Posted on 03/07/2015
    5. Reviewer: trevor church from AustraliaModel:A0110
      Hi I received the reversing camera on 27/2/15 thank you very much it arrived in excellent condition  my rating is 5 stars for you guys could you send me a list of what other items I can hook up to my Eonon touch screen  please I like the stickers you sent me as well A+++++++ SELLER....... THANKS AGAIN......
      Posted on 02/28/2015

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