Why won’t the unit power on? (power light is off, and no picture)

A. Make sure all power cables are connected correctly. (ACC & BATT+ are connected to +12V; GND is connected to ground (-).) 

B. Check the fuse at the back of the unit. If it has blown, replace it with another fuse of the same type, then reconnect power. 

C. If the fuse is fine, check with a multimeter to confirm the voltage is a steady DC +12V.

What should I do if there's no picture on the screen? (power light is on)

A. Disconnect BATT+, and then reconnect power to reset unit. 

B. Check if the voltage is a steady DC +12V. 

C. Check if the ACC fuse is blown. 

D. Reinstall the front panel.( This only applies to DVD players with detachable front panel.)

Why can’t my disc be inserted?

A. Check if the two screws on the top of the unit are removed. 

B. Check if there is a disc in the unit. 

C. Check if it is in DVD mode.

Why won't the unit play my disc?

A. Try to play discs with different formats such as DVD/DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP4 etc. Check whether the error occurs only with specific formats or occurs universally. 

B. Make sure that you insert the disc correctly (label side UP) and that the disc is clean and in good condition. 

C.Read the message that appears when the error occurs (Loading/No disc/Error,etc.) 

D. Reconnect the power cables and reset the unit.

What should I do if the screen won’t come out?

A. Check that the car's voltage/current is correct (+12V DC), or remove the unit from your car and test it with a bench power supply. 

B. Disconnect and reconnect the power cables to reset the unit. 

C. Press the "OPEN" button on the panel or remote control to check if the screen will automatically come out. If not, pull it out by using gentle but even force on both sides of the panel. 

D. If none of these steps worked the motor may be faulty.

What should I do if the disc can’t be ejected?

A. Press EJECT button on the panel or remote and check if the disc will eject. If not, then disconncet and reconnect the power cables to reset the unit. 

B. Try switching modes before pressing the EJECT button, or press STOP and then EJECT.

What should I do when I get poor radio reception?

A. Make sure the radio antenna is securely connected and that it is working properly. If you are using an aftermarket antenna it may not offer perfect reception.

B. Try to search for channels both automatically and manually. Alternatively, check your signal with a known channel.

C. You may be too close or too far away from the transmitter. Try another station.

D. Make sure you are in an open area where the signal will not be impeded by buildings or metallic objects.

What should I do if the buttons on the panel are unresponsive?

A. Check if the problem occurs with a single button or all buttons and check if the problem occurs in all modes. Disconnect and reconnect the unit to reset it. 

B. Check if the corresponding buttons on the remote controller are working properly. If so, the buttons on the panel are faulty.

Why is the remote control unresponsive?

A. Replace batteries. 

B. Make sure you’ve inserted the batteries correctly. 

C. Face the IR emitter of the remote control with a digital camera or phone camera. If you see a light in the viewfinder or cell phone screen when you press buttons on the remote control, the remote is functioning properly. If you see a light when no button is pressed, one of the buttons on the remote may be stuck and preventing other buttons from working

Why are the USB/SD slots not working?

A. Check if the unit is in DVD mode when you insert the USB/SD. 

B. After inserting the USB/SD, check the unit’s monitor to see if it is loading the USB/SD. 

C. Check the storage of the USB/SD.

How do I use the Bluetooth function?

Make sure the unit is in pairing mode. Search for the unit on your phone and select the device named EONON or CAR KIT. Enter the default password for your unit (0000/8888/1234) The screen will display"Connected OK". You can now place and receive calls through the unit.

Why is the GPS function not working?

A. Make sure the GPS antenna has been securely connected to the unit. 

B. Reset the path of the GPS application. 

C. Put the GPS antenna to the car roof to have a try.

Why won’t the radio keep pre-set stations?

A. Remove the unit from the car and test it with a bench power supply. Make sure ACC & BATT+ are connected to +12V DC; GND is connected to the ground (-). Then restart the unit and store a radio pre-set. Disconnect the ACC wire manually (DO NOT DISCONNECT BATT OR GND) and then re-connect ACC. Check that the channel is still stored. If it is, the unit is not getting constant power from the car.

B. Check if the unit is storing the mode, volume and time.

Why doesn't my iPod work with the unit?

A. Reset the iPod. 

B. Confirm the iPod works with a PC cable. 

C. Switch to a different cable. 

D. Try if it works with a different model of iPod.

Why can’t I hear anything when I make a call using the Bluetooth function?

A. After you connect your phone to the unit, only place and receive calls from the unit itself and not directly on the phone.

B. Try another phone to see if it works. If it doesn't it may be a problem with the microphone.

Why is there no picture on AV1/AV2 input?

A. When there is no signal, make sure that the screen is blue or says "No Signal". Confirm that the AV device is correctly outputting video.

B. Make sure that the AV wire is connected correctly, and try using a different AV wire. 

C. Switch between AV1 and AV2 modes and see if the unit will display a picture in both/either mode.

What should I do if I get a black or colored screen when using an AV input?

Adjust the video format (Auto/PAL/NTSC) and make sure it matches the format of the DVD output. The problem should be resolved after this is set correctly.

What should I do if the LCD is white or is not displaying color properly?

A. Disconnect and reconnect the power to reset the unit. 

B. Verify the cable to the screen is securely connected.

What should I do if the LCD clock only shows up partially or disappears?

Please disconnect the battery and reconnect it to reset the unit.

Why aren't the buttons lit up?

A. Make sure the button is working properly. 

B. Check whether the problem occurs with one button or with all buttons..

(Camera) Why is there no output from the camera?

A. Make sure that the power cable is securely connected and that the voltage is normal. 

B. Make sure that the AV cable is working correctly and if not, replace it with a new one. 

C. Make sure that the camera is not overheated. D. Try connecting the camera to another monitor.

(Camera) Why is the image unclear or in black and white?

A. Check that the camera is not in direct sunlight or bright lights. Try in a different environment to see if that resolves the problem. 

B. Try with a different monitor. 

C. Adjust the video system to match the video system of the camera (NTSC for Japan).

(Camera) Why is the image blurry?

Make sure the camera hasn’t gotten wet. The camera should only be on while in reverse as leaving it on at all times can cause fog to accumulate on it.

(Camera) What should I do if the image is inverted?

A. Disconnect and reconnect the power connector. 

B. Check if the image is inverted when in reverse mode.

(Camera) Why is the LED light not on?

Please note that the LED lights are for night vision and will only be on at night. Also the LEDs are infrared so you will not be able to see the light with the naked eye.