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Voice Command Enabled Car DVD GPS

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Voice Command Enabled Car DVD GPS

Have you ever thought of a Car DVD GPS can understand your command and help you realize the operation easily? It's not only in the fiction or movie any more! It becomes reality in some new products in the market! For example, Eonon has their independent R&D on it, and they're the first in the car audio industry to apply this cutting edge voice command tech. C2208V 2 Din Car DVD, C5102V, C5101V, C5105V, C5106V, C5109 specific Car GPS are all new models with VC01 voice command controller included.


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A Voice command for a Car DVD Player

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A Voice command for a Car DVD Player

Have you ever dream that one day you can command a Car DVD Player by your voice? I think the answer is " YES". Since while you are driving, to be safe, you cannot pay your attention to a Car DVD, But when a film or a song is finished, you need to change another disc. Or when you are using GPS etc, then you will think that " How good if i can command the Car DVD".

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