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Customer's Quick Review & Video of Eonon D5152 VW Car DVD GPS for MK6 Golf

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Many VW owners would like to upgrade their old radio to a whole new multimedia entertaiment system, when they find Eonon, they find a work of art and it really take their car audio into next level! Here we'd like to share you a forum fan's review and video. He bought Eonon D5152 Car DVD GPS before and totally satisfied with it.


"So i just bought this headunit directly from Eonon for $259. I had read good reviews on them, so I decided to give it a try. It is made specially for the MK6 and looks exactly like the OEM RNS-510 navigation unit. Installation was super simple. All you do is take out your oem unit, and plug this one directly in. No special cables or harnesses necessary.

The 5152 does GPS, Bluetooth, MP3 (even comes with iPod hookups), SD Card, USB, TV (through AV cables), and it even pairs with your phone to let you use a browser. It's fast, no real lag that i see, and it doesn't feel cheap either. I paid $289 for this with the map, but the map they give you is crap. The great part though is that it runs WinCE 6 and reads maps off a MicroSD card, so i was able to replace the standard Kudos Navigation map with iGo8. SUCH a huge difference!

iGo8 is a definite must have if you decide to buy this. This guy on NaviTotal.com even put together all the files you need for iGo8 here.

But this car dvd isn't perfect. First, the radio reception sucks compared to OEM. The OEM unit uses a dual FAKRA antenna which switches back and forth from the 2 antennas for whichever has the better reception. This unit (like most aftermarket units) only has a single antenna input. I even bought a Dual FAKRA cable to see if it would help but it did not. The second issue is that while playing MP3 songs, click on the actual song doesn't make it play that particular song. I mean sometimes i works, but most of the time it just go to another random song.

But.. i can still live with that. Especially for only $259 shipped! You can find this particular unit here: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/VW/D5152.html

But they also make a ton of different ones for different cars, and even generic single and double din units. http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS-Navigations.html"

Here is his review video for D5152 Car DVD Player:

There're some other models for the VW, like our latest GM5153 and GM5152 car gps with screen mirroring feature, which allows you sync any contents from your phone to the unit easily. 


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