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The Reasons Why Smartphone hasn't been Replaced the Car GPS

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Nearly all the smartphones come with built-in GPS receiver and map software (either pre-loaded or available as an optional purchase). Does this mean that the days of the car GPS are numbered?

One of my friend and me have got around to talking about htis because of Dwight Silverman’s account of his summer vacation where he talked about using his smartphone for his road trip. I was surprised to find that he had replaced his TomTom with a smartphone over two years ago and instead relies on his smartphone to get him from A to B. He'll tell you why he prefers this over on Mobile News - if you're planning a road trip this summer and don't know whether to leave your car GPS receiver at home and rely on your smartphone or not, .

I own a smartphone (an iPhone 4S) and I have numerous mapping apps installed on it. And I regularly use these apps for navigating when on foot, but when I'm on the move in my car I turn to a dedicated in-car navigation tool. Why? I'm glad you asked! Allow me to explain ...

    Screen As big as the screen on smartphones such as the iPhone are, they're not s big as the screens you can get on a dedicated device. The 3.5-inch screen on my iPhone 4S is dwarfed by he 4.3-inch screen on my TomTom 940. Oh, and the glossy screen on a smartphone is a pain too use outdoors compared to the matte screen on most in-car GPS receivers.

    User Interface (UI) The UI of a smartphone is designed to be read and used when the device is being held in the other hand. Compare this to an in-car GPS receiver has to work at arm's length while speeding along at 70 MPH.

    Integration Most in-car GPS receivers connect to other devices, bringing together a multitude of useful features from other devices - most can easily integrate with your cellphone, car stereo, media player and so on.

    Power I don't think I've come across an in-car GPS receiver that I'd describe as 'speedy' or 'highly responsive' in terms of the UI, but when I compare even my aging in-car devices with apps running on iOS I'm amazed by how clunky the apps are despite running on far superior hardware.

    Better battery life Running navigation software on any smartphone I've had really chews up the battery. It's no big deal when you have a car cord, but there are times (depending on the vehicle) where having a car cord trail across the windshield is a real headache.

So now you know from my experience, why Smartphone hasn't been Replaced the Car DVD yet. It still has wide demand around the world. Eonon provide state of the art car DVD GPS with screen mirroring function which allows you sync any content from your smartphone to car dvd player, you can use either of them and save on paying software. You can take a look: http://www.eonon.com



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