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Five 2015 New Ideas for Car Lovers

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The tree decorations have been packed away in the loft for another year, the last of the turkey has long been consigned to the dog and another brand new year looms on the horizon. You have probably made the usual New Year resolutions about eating healthily, giving up the booze and going to the gym to get fit and these are all noble aspirations. But what about making some different resolutions this year? While you are busy improving yourself why not spend some money on the car as well such as an Android Car Stereo.

After all, the car is a very important part of your life; it gets you from A to B without you having to stand at a cold and windy bus stop; it takes you to work and transports you and your friends on social outings. So doesn’t it deserve a little TLC?

1. Upgrade your in car entertainment

To go with your fresh exterior, what about updating the stereo system to get the most out of your favourite sounds maybe with the latest DAB radio with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity? Or really push the boat out with a top of the range DVD/ digital radio system, which has absolutely all the electronic bells and whistles on it!

Take a look at our website to see the full range of car DVD players and accessories, including the latest Android Car DVD. There is something to suit all requirements and all budgets.

2. Clean your car regularly

You could resolve to clean it more often, for example. A quick zip through an automated car wash is all very well but it can never restore that ‘just out of the showroom’ shine. Remember that new car smell from when you first bought it? These things are very easy to bring back. There are products on the market now which are so easy to use; which don’t necessarily involve hours of slog and elbow grease. Modern cleaners are designed to effortlessly cut through dirt and grime to leave a shiny surface which then only needs a layer of good polish to protect and preserve the bodywork.

3. Give your engine a once over

Your car isn’t just about the bits you can see, so make sure you make a new years resolution to look beneath the bonnet more often. You can buy heavy duty products for use in the engine bay to get rid of all those nasty oily bits.

4. Freshen up the inside

Then once you have sorted the exterior of the car you can concentrate on the interior and treat yourself to a fresh new look, replacing your seat covers, making sure your footwells are clean and tidy, and making your car a pleasure to drive. You could invest in a steering wheel cover for the winter for example, and make winter driving more comfortable.

5. Go to more places you’ve never been before

We do satnavs too, so if one of your New Year resolutions involves a holiday then talk to us about what would best suit your needs. We’ll even fit your new kit for you!

Making a new years resolution to look after your car will definitely benefit you in the long run! And now we have special New Year offer for the car DVD, you can totally enjoy the savings!


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