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New Android 4.4 Quad-Core Car GPS for Volkswagen and Mazda 3 areReleased without DVD Player Functio

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Many guys told us they don't play DVD anymore, glad to tell you that now we released 2 new vehicle specific Android 4.4 Quad-Core Car GPS without DVD player function ---- Eonon GA5153W for Volkswagen & GA5151W for Mazda 3. They will help you save more and bring you more entertainment with additional iPod connection feature! And GA5153W is even aesthetically improved with elegant touch buttons. More details just check here: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS-Navigations/Android-Car-GPS.html

And another great news is that the Car DVD Players for BMW E90 are all back in stock now: 


Great things deserve your waiting! Happy shopping!


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