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Rocking video of GA5180F Chevrolet Android 4.4 Car GPS to Make YourDay & Free Camera Provided

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Hi friend, are you an Eonon FB fan?

Do you know what the hottest topic is on our FB lately which is talked & liked by many guys? Yes it’s our fan Ashley Jeremy's EononGA5180F Android 4.4 Car GPS awesome video as above! You will see how Eonon unit makes his 2010 Silverado rocking with wonderful music! "Post install of head unit from Eonon, demo of YouTube playing using WIFI from house." He said. Why not make your car a theater as Ashley does!

Great news to tell you that, we'd like to thank you and continue providing a FREE Camera A0119 for any orders with Android Car DVD Player or Vehicle Specific GPS (D Series). The Last 100 pcs available! More details please check here:



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