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Eonon Clearance Sale for Car DVD Player — Up to 49% OFF

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Summer is Hot, but Eonon Bring you the Coolest Clearance Sale now! G2226, D2223B, D1001 & D1308 Car DVD Player are with up to 49% off! Save you big!


G2226 Car GPS Navigation is the first 2 din general unit which uses the ARM system in the market! ARM makes the system run like a computer, faster than any general unit (70 times faster!!) and enables the unit to have more sharp, detailed UI. Now it is only 211 USD, 49% off! http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/2-Din-Car-GPS-DVD/G2226.html


D1001 is Eonon's First Hi-Fi Car DVD, it always is our hot product. It not only has Control Panel Night Illumination function, but also Built-In 5.1CH Audio Output Function. What's more, it also has Detachable Front Panel too. Only 193USD you can get this amazing Hi-Fi Car DVD, you can save 123USD!!! Click here to know more:


D2223B and D1308 Car DVD are our Milion brand (Eonon Economy Sub-brand). D2223B is only 166USD, and D1308 is only 112USD, both items can help you save 39%!

Make a summary, this is the last good chance for you to get these four Car DVD Players with that lowest price. Grab the best chance and have a happy summer vacation! http://www.eonon.com/Clearance_Sale.aspx



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