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Eonon New R0008 Dashcam Released and Free Camera Provided for EURO 2016, Just Shoot!

2016年7月5日 9:52:59  category: Android Autoradio  read: 人  comment

Have you ever considered about a Dashcam to make your journey even more secured? Now we'd like to introduce you the new released Eonon R0008 Dashcam with upgraded performance & easy installation. It's can be compatible with Eonon Android 5.1/ 4.4/ 4.2 Android Car DVD, with HD CMOS Image Sensor, and data flows faster than ever before!

And a greater news to tell you that FREE camera A0119 is provided to celebrate the hot EURO 2016 games! Just get a head unit to entertain, shoot with free A0119 camera in the rear, and shoot videos in the front by R0008 for your belove Android Car GPS, you'll find your summer is so much more alive & safer! Check more details about this hot sale here:


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