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Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Receiver Antenna

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What ought to I use? Bluetooth, CF Car DVD or GPS mouse?  Usually speaking, this is a matter of preference. In case you select Bluetooth or CF, you need to worry about that GPS or PDA at can run out of power at any time and it also costs more. However, you can navigation anytime and anywhere. GPS mouse is affordable and features lovely reception and you do not must worry about the electricity issue, in lieu the cable issue.The positioning is not exact. They can not necessarily it as the fault of the GPS  fundamentally the positioning error within twenty meters is regarded as lovely GPS. GPS location is not very correct on the road probably due to bad reception, which ends in errors. The issue can also lie in the fact that there is something wrong with the map knowledge and the road is very wide. After using for a very long time, you will know whether it is a controversy of the GPS or the issue of the map.

When purchasing automobile Car DVD Players, you ought to not select the navigation according to the name or brand of the manufacturers. But you can select the chip for the internal use- fundamentally, there's plenty of GPS manufacturers. Selecting vendors is like choosing after-sales service. The fact is that choosing the navigation of giant brand does not mean choosing the which can get signals well. Usually speaking, there is no giant difference if the GPS is of the same chip but made by different manufacturers. Therefore you ought to not select the manufactures in pursuit of GPS. You need to think about the chip inside.

In case you can put the GPS in the automobile, then put it in the Car Monitors automobile  in addition to the outside gps receiver antenna, like the GPS mouse. Because GPS is waterproof and it is troublesome in case you need to take care of it on a regular basis, it is suggested to make use of the lattice thermal paper.If the GPS is bought for the first use, or it is already in the stature of the cold start, go to the open area outside the vehicle for positioning  then it can position faster, and is less likely to see unusual phenomenon. When you hit the road directly in the cold start status, even if the signals are strong, you may encounter the issue that you can not locate after reaching the location. It is very important to place it in the automobile after positioning and see if the recipient in the automobile is poor or not. Besides in case you use the GPS for a long time, the knowledge of satellite can be saved. In case you don't use it for a very long time like week to weeks, the GPS may be restored to the cold start state.

When purchasing Car GPS, specification table is only for reference-the GPS specifications, when it can finish the positioning within a few seconds, positioning error, sensitivity etc. These are all written perfectly for your better understanding. You will come to know it after using it for a timeframe.When using the GPS, you do not must pay the communication costs  although all of us know that, there's some individuals who always think that you need to pay additional every month fees.When sales in the stores say xxx GPS is not lovely, do not think that.- the fact can be that the stores do not sell or stock more of these machines and they recommend you to buy another a GPS.


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