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Why GPS Can't Find Satellites?

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As far as the satellites are concerned, my Car DVD GPS is lost. GPS cannot find satellites.What's the issue?Last week I bought a automobile GPS for my vehicle, but it seems to cost a great deal of its time looking for the GPS signal. The retailer replaced it, however the issue seems to persist. i have tried re-starting it etc. but to waste my contrivances. When it is working, it does exactly what I require it to do, but if it only works for less than half the time, it is not much use.

The fact that a little box of Car GPS can pick up unimaginably weak radio signals coming from satellites orbiting the earth at a distance of over twenty,000km (12,500 miles) seldom ceases to amaze me.However, since the GPS technique and your SatNav clearly work together, albeit only for brief periods, suggests that you have a reception issue. common cause is a heat reflective coating or heating elements embedded in some automobile windscreens, which can attenuate the signals.

I sometimes find it helps to stay stationary until the SatNav of Car DVD Players has a solid lock and found your position, before you move off, and this can take some time if there's high buildings or other obstacles blocking the signals.

The solution is an outside antenna, which are obtainable for lots of Car GPS Navigation models. Otherwise, you ought to try mounting the unit in different locations, ensuring that the antenna module, which is usually mounted on the rear of the case, has a clear and unobstructed view of the sky. It ought to even be well away from the rearview mirror, and obviously not in a position that obscures your view of the road. Avoid placing it below the top of the dashboard.


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