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The buying guide of Car DVD Player

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Nowadays, a growing number of people have higher requirements on entertainment due to the improvement of the quality of life. Car DVD Player also plays an important role in our life. But do you know how to buy a suitable and fantastic Car DVD by yourself? Here are some buying guide for you.

At first, you need to know which Car DVD Player fits your car. Such as 1 din, 2 din or Specific Car DVD. If 50mm, please select from 1 Din series; and if 100mm, please select from 2 Din series. The DIN series is universal.

Second, you should know what functions do you need for your best car gps. There are iPod, Bluetooth, GPS Navigation etc. And there are some systems that, combined with rear-seat headphone monitors, the passengers can enjoy a DVD movie while a music CD plays for the people up front with the rear-seat. Many Car DVD Players include an AM/FM tuner as well. So you can listen many latest news and fantastic programs at any time.

Last but not least, a multimedia system also can contain a built-in Car Video Monitors. But for safe of driving, Laws are in place to prevent drivers from being able to view the monitor while a car is in motion, so some systems only use rear-seat viewable monitors. These are fine for entertaining passengers on a long trip, but visibly, they've ruled out driver navigation use. Mixed-media systems can even include a TV tuner, with station presets and station scanning to help out when you’re traveling to a new broadcast area. So this function is very useful for you too.

Last, there is one important thing to consider when you're purchasing a Car DVD Player. There are many non-brand Car DVD in the market at present, you should choose your favorite brand first, then according to the functions you need. Make sure you’re purchasing everything you’ll need to complete your system, then the whole purchase will be OK.


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