Affordable Android car Stereo

There are countless products and items to be found in shopping malls, but most of them are marked-up considerably due to their brands. Basically, this means you can buy something of the same quality with much less money. And that’s what we can do for you. Eonon provides high quality Android car Stereo at an affordable price. Now let me give you a general idea of the performance and features of our affordable Android car GPS.

We have 1 din, 2 din, and vehicle specific Android head units, such VW navigation, BMW navigation, Opel navigation, GM navigation, and Ford navigation

You can use any application you like on the Android head unit, anything from Torque, Pandora, Youtube and Facebook, to exciting online games. It’s quite amazing! The head unit also supports steering wheel controls, which will work flawlessly without any modification. What’s more, it has an electronic and mechanical anti-shock system equipped. This Android car DVD is a lot more than just a DVD player, it can also play VCD/CD/MP3/WMA/JPEG/MPEG4 files and discs. The radio function comes with RDS receiver function, High sensitivity FM/AM receiver, and 30 stations preset.

Just as we promised, our Android head unit will bring you unlimited entertainment. The head unit comes with a USB port and an SD slot that support U disk MP3, WMA, audio play and picture browsing etc. You can also connect your rear view camera with the head unit to ensure your safety while reversing.

As always, this Android car DVD Player is available on our online store. So don’t hesitate and buy now!