7-inch GPS System

If you want a 7-inch car DVD GPS that you will have no problem seeing, then be a smart shopper and follow my advice. First thing I can tell you is that it’s not for everyone; personally it’s too big for my taste, but my mom absolutely loves hers! It’s hard for her to keep up with the new roads and changes in the city, and this GPS is a lifesaver for her. This 7-inch GPS system does a great job in redirecting you when you decide to take a different route or when you take a wrong turn. Driving in Los Angeles and San Francisco, it worked out great. It gets you to the destination wanted, and that''s what counts. This convenient piece of technology is available as vehicle specific models, tailored to the design of your car, check out VW navigation, BMW navigation, Opel navigation, GM navigation, and Ford navigation.

Now let me tell you something special about this 7-inch GPS system. 
1. It is an intelligent accessory for the avid traveler and driver. The 7-inch wide touch-screen is very convenient for navigation and one-touch operations.

2. The 7-inch Display of the GPS system can be used as a DVD player and gaming device, making your car journeys much more enjoyable.

3. It’s most outstanding feature is the Turn-by-turn voice guidance offered in multiple languages. If you are a professional driver, just imagine how many clients you can gain with this system. Maps of the entire U.S. will be included on the SD card provided, together with its multimedia functions - picture browsing, video playback, gaming, music, and wireless FM transmitter, it will provide your car with unlimited entertainment.

4. This 7-inch GPS system offers real-time rendered maps, if you want to keep your journeys safe and simple, this is the system you need. This 7-inch GPS system also offers automatic re-routing, which is a nifty feature that you’ll enjoy. When we bought this 7-inch GPS system, we were skeptical of its quality, but after reading all the information available and installing the unit, we were very happy with it. It was an amazing deal and the 7" screen is easy to read with the daytime and night time feature. The Text-to-speech voice is clear and the volume is adjustable. When the unit was first installed it took approximately 5 minutes to locate the satellite but after the satellite was located it has worked great ever since. The unit is easy to operate but I still highly suggest reading the instructions. We are very happy we chose this 7-inch GPS system and we highly recommend it.