Double Din Car DVD

There are more and more people who own cars nowadays, Double Din Car DVD player, especially android 2 din car stereo, is usually the best choice if your car dash is of the standard double din size. Eonon Network Company is an online trading firm based in Hong Kong that has sold millions of units of car audio and video products, including TFT LCD monitors and 2 Din Car DVD. If you want to buy an in car video system and want to buy something worth your money, Eonon is your best choice. Our company provides quality in car video systems, such as our Double Din Car DVD players. Our Double Din Car DVD players often receive discounts not because they are outdated, poorly made or hard to operate, but because our company wants to promote this kind of new products and has therefore produced a large amount of them.

Now if you have decided to take advantage of this special offer and buy a 2 Din Android car DVD player from our company, I will give you a general idea of the performance and features of this Double Din Car DVD player.

This Double Din Car DVD player comes with a removable face double DIN size screen and having a double DIN opening means that you’ll be able to enjoy a bigger screen. This unit will fit perfectly in a double DIN size dash opening, and if you do decide to buy this unit from us, you''ll feel the difference and the unlimited entertainment potential this in car video system brings.

Just as we promised, our Double Din Car DVD Player will bring you unlimited entertainment. Our Double Din Car DVD Players come with a USB port and an SD slot that support U disk MP3、WMA, audio play and picture browsing etc. As always, it is available on our online store. So don’t hesitate and enjoy the discount right now!