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Mike's Eonon GM5150 BMW Car DVD Review

2014年6月27日 18:39:32  category: Car Navigation  read: 人  comment

Our GM5150/D5150 Car DVD GPS has just finished the 6th group buy in e46fanatics.com forum with great success. And many members there love our unit a lot.


As usual, there's some of the share with us their own review toward our unit, here is another typical one from the member southcounty92629 there, you'll see how Eonon is welcomed there! Here it is:


"I got my GM5150 Car GPS installed in my 2001 330ci a few days ago. So far I love the unit, it has been one of the best purchases I have made for my car. I did have some of the usual bugs that have been discussed on here, such as the clock. I got it working with the Initializing and GPS Sync, but it isn't the most reliable feature.



    The Car DVD player works great!

    The iPod integration is solid.

    The sound quality is noticeably better than the Business CD Player.

    It looks very clean in the car and the new UI is very nice.

    Installed iGo Primo on a class 10 Micro SD card and the maps and GPS signal work great.

    Screen Mirroring is a pretty cool feature, though I couldnt get Netflix to stream properly. (iPhone 5s).

    Bluetooth connection and call quality is one of the best I have ever used. ( Ran the external mic to the factory mic location by the sunroof. NOTE: this required an 3.5mm jack extension cable, only a couple bucks from Radio Shack.)

    Installation was fairly easy with all the great DIYs out there. Just take your time and check all your work.

    Customer service so far has been great and just in this thread alone many questions have been answered.


    I know its been said but the iPod list NEEDS NEEDS a back button!

    If the clock was working properly at all times it would be nice to be able to see the time no matter what screen you are on. With having to go to the home screen every time I want to see what time it is I might as well use the dash clock in the instrument cluster.

    You should note somewhere that if your car is pre 2002 you have 2 antenna connections on the back of your stock head unit and the antenna adapter provided with the unit does not work with these. One of them is power and the other is reception. For you to be able to have a radio with this unit you will need extra parts and adapters which could be costly. I have ordered a cheap part on Amazon that might work and if it does I will post a link and part number for the product so others can use it."


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