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Eonon GM5155 Opel Car DVD Player Review from Jeff

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One of the best selling specific car dvd player is Opel/Vauxhall unit. They are especially welcomed in Europe since this car is orininated from there and mostly driven by them. Many of them give us positive reviews due to the powerful features and nice OEM look.


Here is one of the reviews from our UK customer Jeff, let's see how he think about GM5155 Opel Car GPS:


"Right mini review, 1st impressions its a cracking unit, it's easier to fit into the dash, you will need to remove the glove box and thread the main wiring harness through to the left,
There is a Velcro sticky pad for you to use to secure the canbus decoder,
The ariel adaptor fits perfect NO issues,
But the two clips that secure the unit have pan head transport screws fitted , these need to be removed and swapped for the countersunk screws prior to fitting ,
You will also need to remove the two transport screws from the top of the unit that hold the disk chassis, big red tab in top telling you to remove them , you can't miss them ,
Also remember to remove the - neg terminal prior to installing as if not it can throw the canbus system into safe mode,

My satnav ariel I mounted in the head liner behind the light cluster and ran the cable down the passenger side air bag cover and down by the heater motor into the empty cd30 slot ,
The 4G ariel I removed the centre speaker cover
And GID cover and threaded it down,
I put coloured tape round one so I knew which was which and didn't get them mixed up ,
The rest was literally a matter of threading the wires to the left of the glove box and plug and play, the rear view RCA is to the green RCA and your away ,
Satnav you have to set the route path for your maps to work prior to use,

Sound quality wise is crisp with a reasonable amount of base for just a head unit ,
It has a specific gain for running subs which my old unit didn't,
It also has full address book function via Bluetooth , on screen caller id, and call logging ,
You can also set it up to auto answer or manual,
Has car keys BC & OK buttons to use the GID set functions ,
You can choose from a whole host of main dealer logo's for your boot screen ,
One disappointing thing is mine has the Opel logo but doesn't have the vauxhall logo,
So have stuck with the eonon one for now ,
As I mentioned the are approx 8 colours to choose from for your LED's , my smd conversion is white which isn't an option so in hoping stampede can work his magic on it lol,
I will add to this with more pictures etc as I work my way through the next few weeks and spend more time using it."


To know more about our Opel Car DVD GPS, please kindly check our website here: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/BMW/GM5155.html



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