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For your Journey: Car DVD Player or Tablet?

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Ask any parents, and they’ll tell you the biggest problem when planning a long road trip isn’t figuring out the driving directions. It’s how to keep the kids entertained. The younger the kids, the more difficult the task.Teenagers can keep themselves entertained as long as they can text and listen to music. But how do you keep a trio of 8-year-olds entertained? Car DVD Player and Tablet maybe their good friends.

Car DVD GPS have been the go-to solution for years. All you needed was either a car DVD hardwired into your car. Or you had to bring batteries, headphones, and DVDs, and your kids were entertained for hours. They became so popular as an after market product that many vehicle manufacturers included them as upgrades to their cars. That definitely eliminated the battery problem.

However, as technology has advanced, the portable DVD player has become less and less useful. They have been replace by fixed Car DVD GPS with navigation system. So that it can help drivers find the direction easily.
Tablet computers have become the new default entertainment system, although they don’t have DVD slots.
Tablets can often weigh as little as a pound. They also have easily rechargeable batteries. Instead of grabbing your giant bag o’ batteries every three hours, you just plug in your tablet to a regular electrical outlet or car charger when it needs a boost.

You can also legally download movies or “rip” DVDs to save to your tablet, which means you won’t forget to pack your kids’ favorite movies.

All tablets can connect to wifi, which means they work at hotels, restaurants, and with a personal wifi hotspot. And many have their own data connection, which is great when you’re on the highway. Add a streaming video service like Netflix and Hulu+, and hundreds of movies are available at the touch of a finger.

Both the car dvd players or tablet is good to entertain the kids, but for yourself, fixed car GPS will help you better on the road. Considering about your requirements and make your wise decision then.


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