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How to Mount a Rear view Camera in Car

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Some peopel don’t kow to connect and install a rearview camera for his beloved car to work with a car DVD.There alwasy are some issues about back camera connection.Some have no image displayer on the screen when reverse car.Some even have no response when reverse car.There is no change in the screen.Normally,before you buy one camera,you should check if the camera’s shape is the same with your original car’s license plate light’s shape.Because the camera was placed to the place of license plate light.If the shape is not the same,then this camera can’t fit your car.

Some peopel maybe have many question about install a new camera.”The lights where the camera have to be is the top door?” “The piece is in one part without place for the camera.” “That is a whole circuit that can not be modified because the opening circuit is on it. ” Please don’t worry.The camera should be installed to the place of your original car’s license plate light.Please take the license plate light off,then connect it well and move it aside.Then install our camera to the place of your original car’s license plate light.The camera cable is about 6 meter long,it should be long enough.Please check if the cable was placed well.

This is one wiring diagram for rearview camera connection:

How to update & install Rearview Camera

How to Mount a Rearview Camera in Car

You can see from the picture that there are six cables need to be connected when install a rearview camera.This blue connect to car back light cable.This blue is back testing cable connect to  back cable.This red is ACC+ connect  to car 12V power +.Connect the same color cable.Connect with back-video-in.This two black wires  are Ground cable.

If you want to get help from us. We normally reply: could you please take a photo about the shape of your license plate light and please place our camera near your license plate light,then we can check whether the shape of your license plate light is the same with the shape of our camera. When you reverse your car,the screen should jump to rearview image.If you are in radio interface,then reverse your car, if it is still in radio interface,then it is the problem of reverse detecting.That means this unit can’t detect your reverse signal.Could you please take a photo about what information does the screen display when you reverse your car? Does it display a black screen or there is something on the screen?

Note: if everything is connected, the screen will change automatically without any configuration.You don’t need to set anything else.There's many great cameras on eonon.com, like super high definition CCD camera with Sony lens, license plate camera, ect. You can find them here: /car-dvd-others/Camera.html When you want to get a car dvd player, the camera is a great option for you to get with the unit too!


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