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Car Headrest Monitor ---- a Great Entertainment Choice

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Nowadays, there are a variety of car DVD players available for people to enjoy audio and video entertainment in the vehicle, such as overhead or flip down DVD, sun visor DVD, headrest DVD, portable DVD and so on. Among all the products, headrest DVD has grown in popularity mainly due to its special design and multiple functions of entertainment.


Headrest DVD is installed in the headrest of the front seat serving for multimedia entertainment for the passengers in the back seats. Compared with an overhead or flip down car DVD, such design of installation position saves much space in the vehicle. An overhead or flip down DVD is usually attached to the ceiling of the vehicle, which means it needs a large headroom for installation. For the headrest DVD player, it doesn’t need extra space out of the headrest.


The most attractive design of headrest car DVD player must be two separately running monitors. The feature enables passengers to have different enjoyments in the back seat. That is to say, a passenger can view a movie on a monitor while another can watch TV shows on the other screen. Wireless earphones or headsets plugged into each monitor are able to prevent mutual interference between passengers. Thus, if you and your companions differ in preferences of ways of leisure and entertainment, you will receive great gratification with headrest DVD player. Such function is especially helpful to keep children occupied with various enjoyments instead of arguing all the time for what to view on the car DVD player.


In addition to the special design, headrest DVD is also multifunctional as an entertainment device. There are so many ways of amusement that help you enjoy your time in the vehicle. If you want to listen to beautiful music, you can enjoy music programs in the TV channels, play your own CDs or DVDs, and play digital files from memory cards like SD and MMC. If there are more than two passengers (e.g., seven to ten people), you can also share your favorite music with other passengers by the use of a FM transmitter. If you and your friends are interested in different types of music, such as jazz, blues, classic, country music, pop, R&B, rock, and hip-hop, you can enjoy your favorite music on different monitors from others’. When you want to see the same movie, certainly you can view it on different screen at the same time.


Besides, the entertainment on the headrest car DVD players won’t be interrupted when you access GPS navigation and Bluetooth function in the front seat. Some car owners tend to install both an in-dash DVD and a pair of headrest DVD players. By the conjunction of these two types of car DVD players, you can play a movie DVD in the in-dash DVD in the front seat, and then the passengers can watch the movie on the headrest DVD monitors. When you use the car GPS for navigation or make phone calls through Bluetooth function of the in-dash player, the headrest DVD can still display the movie continuously. Hence, the operation in the front seat won’t interrupt the entertainment in the back seats.


With such a player, each passenger is able to enjoy the time in the vehicle. Because of the convenience to use and kinds of multimedia functions, headrest car DVD is really a good option for car entertainment.



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