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The Factors you Should Consider About When Buying an Android Car GPS

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Android Car GPS have come to market now. Maybe you are not familiar with it.But most people should know the android tablet. Android Car DVD have the tablet function,the tablet function will work very well in your car,just as good as the hand held version. If you want to buy aftermarket unit in your car,do you consider purchasing one unit which offered WIFI/3G + web access? If yes,then we will introduce what you must know about purchasing it. http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS-Navigations/2-Din-Car-GPS-DVD/G2110.html

First of all, the 3G and Wifi function is the most important function of android unit,so you must know if the unit has the USB WIFI & 3G dongles included in the package. If sellers can't provide the 3G and Wifi module,then you must know which Wifi and 3G module can support by this unit.With the 3G and Wifi module,you can set up your Google account and start downloading apps from the Pay Store, surfing the net, emailing, etc., without any probles.You also can watch Youtube,listen to music online.

Another important thing need to know is the version of the android system.Now the android 4.0 system have come to car dvd market.So we suggest you notice the android version before purchasing.Android 2.3 system is out of date now,so please choose the android 4.0 unit for your beloved car.

Most android car gps sellers can provide the specific one for many car models.The universal one is also out of date.Special car gps is more and more popular now.Because it can fit your car more perfectly.So if you want to purchase android unit,please purchase the android one..There are android 4.0 unit for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Mazda, Toyota, Honda car dvd etc in the market now.They can provide android 4.0 one for most vehicle. If you are not sure which special one can fit your car,you can contact the sells and send one dashboard photo to them,then they can help you check which unit can fit your car.

At last,please check the accessories.Please check the accessories carefully before purchasing.OK,these are all the things What You Must Know About Purchasing Android Car DVD.Hope it can help you a lot,and also hope you get a happy shopping!.

Now Eonon has realeased a new G2110 Car DVD player lately with Android 4.2.2 OS, it has many cool features which will take your breath away! Except Wifi & 3G Connection, it has Capacitive Touch Screen, support screen mirroring feature, Fully DIY Buttons Colors, Support Bluetooth Contact Search Function and more! Welcome to check here to know more details:


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