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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

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When it comes to getting a gift for someone this Christmas, whether a friend or loved one, you may not have thought of something for their car. However, since we spend so much of our time driving, it’s a perfect thing to consider. Here we list our top 5 Christmas gifts including Android Car DVD for car enthusiasts to make sure you give them a very happy Christmas indeed!

1. A Double Din or Specific Android Car DVD Player

Android stereo is now becoming a trend in car audio world, and many youngers would like to get it to catch up with the fashion, and enjoy so much fun from the intelligent features from it. Eonon has great 2 Din King Android unit G2110, and also many specific Android models for BMW, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, ect. Here are the main features of their unit:

-Android 4.2.2 OS

-Capacitive Touch Screen

-Support Wifi & 3G Connection

-8 Dynamic Background Pictures

-Fully DIY Buttons Colors

-Support Bluetooth Contact Search Function

These cutting edge features will enables you an interesting trip in the Christmas! Your friends or family will love this gift too if they have a car!

2. Rear View Camera

Camera is also very important for the holiday drive as it's nothing more important to keep safety in your ride, no matter for your, or your family. One of the best ways to keep safe is mounting a rear camera which can totally help you while you're reversing the car. Usually you need to choose high definition and water proof ones which can make the visual effect much better. Now buying most of Eonon head units you can get such camera for free. 

3. Drive Recorder

A drive recorder is also a must-have safety tool to keep you rest assured in safety. Imaging someone crashes your car beyond your sight, you're enjoying your wonderful Christmas time at home with your family, but totally unaware of the theft is planning to stole your car. What a annoying incident! If you have a drive recorder, you can avoid all of the above case. Here are some main features of Eonon drive recorder:

You can also get it for free if you buy a screen mirroring head unit. Gifting others with such gadget is also a great idea! And it can work with Eonon Car GPS too.

Now it's a good chance to grab a Christmas gift from Eonon, with big discount, and also terrific gifts for yourself or others! More details please check: http://www.eonon.com/christmas_2014.aspx


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