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Don’t Forget Father’s Day! Super Eonon Android Car DVD for your Super Dad & Free Camera Gift

2015年6月2日 11:38:43  category: Android Car Stereo  read: 人  comment

Father's Day is June 21, don’t forget to show your love to your dad! Why not surprise him with Super Eonon Android head units, such as the 2 Din King Car DVD G2110Z, Specific Android Car DVD GA5151/GA5163 for Mazda 3, GA5162 for Ford and even more. We are sure that he'll get 100% satisfied!

Moreover, Free Camera gifts are provided for the 1st 100 Orders who order these on sales Android Car Stereo and choose HK warehouse. Gifts qauntity is limited, first come, first serivce! :)

Happy Fathers's Day!



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