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New Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core Car GPS Released for Honda Civic & KiaSportage!

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Hi Friend, if you own a Honda Civic or Kia Sportage R, the new released Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core Specific Car DVD Players will make your day!

Eonon new model GA5172F with super wide 8'' HD screen, can perfect fit your Honda Civic 2006~2009, while new GA5195F Android Car DVD Player is special for Kia Sportage R 2010~2012. Both of them support mobile MirrorLink function.

Btw, big news if you also own other brand cars. You are lucky to save more on Green Monday deals! Enjoy up to 40% OFF and FREE Eonon Unique Designed T-shirts & car stickers! If you are interested, check it for details: http://eonon.com/green_monday_2015.aspx 

Happy shopping!


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