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New Package & Installation Manual Comes with Several Eonon Models

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BMW owners, do you know that Eonon head units for BMW comes with new designed package now? Including the D5150V & D5150Z Car DVD Players for BMW E46, and D5166X for E53. Just check the comparison picture below to see their differences. Do you like the new improved package? It's more beautiful and more protective.

And Ford owners, glad to tell you that now the GA5161F/GA5162F Android Car DVD Player with 4.4 OS & Quad-Core car GPS all comes with new installation manual, which will help you so much during installation, you'll find it's pretty easy:

And even happier to tell all the Eonon fans that, Eonon continue providing you with unbeatable After Christmas Sale and most popular gift A0119 camera which is compatible with all Eonon head units, just check here for more details:

Happy New Year soon!


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