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Splendid Corsa & Eonon GA5156F Android Car GPS Installation PictureLiked by Many Fans!

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Would you like to decorate your beloved baby car in the New Year? Our fan Blake Turton has done it just now. He has installed an Eonon GA5156F Android 4.4 Quad-Core Car GPS in his Corsa. Just check the above picture you'll see he couldn't help adoring his exquisite Opel Corsa and splendid Eonon a lot: "She has a full clean inside and out."

If you also have such plan in the New Year, we highly recommend Eonon Android Car DVD Player to you, including the GA5156F mentioned above for Opel, and these vehicle specific models for other cars: GA5150F for BMW E46, GA5153F for Volkswagen, GA5151F for Mazda 3, etc. Now you can even get a free Backup camera A0119 for any Android Car GPS! More details please check here:


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