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Stylish Eonon GA5153W Volkswagen Android Car GPS InstallationPictures & Free Cameras Provided

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Are you shocked when seeing the above sleek & stylish GA5153W Volkswagen installation picture? This is from our fan Mario, he said:" I recently purchased and installed the Eonon GA5153W unit. Absolutely love it! It arrived very quickly, and install was easy, so thank you for that."

Have you noticed that GA5153W is without DVD function which makes the unit more affordable and still intelligent with extra iPod connection feature? And it even comes with New Touch Buttons to make it looks even more elegant & shape! You can know more Eonon Android Car GPS without DVD function here: http://www.eonon.com/Android_Car_GPS_without_DVD.aspx

Btw, great news to tell you that you still can enjoy the FREE camera A0119 plus car stickers & 14USD OFF for this GA5153W & any orders >=299USD as we're celebrating Eonon 14th anniversary! Just check more details here: http://www.eonon.com/en_14th_anniversary.aspx


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