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Installation Pictures & Review about 1 Din King GA1312 Android 4.4 Car GPS

2016年3月18日 14:41:13  category: Android Car Stereo  read: 人  comment

Do you want to see how the 1 Din Android Car DVD Player looks like in a car? 

Renato Lipari shared pictures of the dashboard of his car with Eonon GA1312 1 Din Android King model, can't you see GA1312 is rocking his car now with splendid performance? And he told us "I bought GA1312 car radio that works fine. All Radio function are very good. It works really well."

Beside 1 Din Android car GPS, we also have 2 Din ones and vehicle specific models for VW, BMW, Mazda 3, Ford, and so on. What's more, the head units are on 14th anniversary sale now with free camera provided. Just check the details here:



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