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Awesome Eonon GA5153W Volkswagen Android Car GPS Installation Pictures & Free Dashcam Provided

2016年3月28日 16:09:48  category: Android Car Stereo  read: 人  comment

How did you celebrate your Easter yesterday? Hope you can enjoy yourself in this unforgettable holiday. :) Today we would like to share with you the awesome installation picture of our fan Heikki Johannes' new Volkswagen Andriod Car GPS GA5153W without DVD player function, don't you think the unit with elegant touch buttons has made his car look prettier and smarter?

Btw, great news to tell you that Eonon is running an Easter Deals Week with a free Dashcam R0003 provided for the 10 selected HOT Android Car GPS, including the above GA5153W, GA5150F for BMW E46, GA5151W for Mazda 3 and GA5156F for Opel etc, the Dashcam R0003 can work with these Android units like a charm! Hope you like! Just check more details here:


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