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Unique Eonon GA5151W Mazda 3 Android Car GPS Installation Pictures &Free Camera Provided

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Look at the picture above, are you get dazzled at Ryan Bacchus's Eonon GA5151W Android Car Stereo at night? That's definitely a work of art! Do you know how a dragon jumps on the LCD screen of Mazda 3? In fact, it is very easy, you just connect the factory LCD screen to a 12V ACC wire so it comes on and off with the car and the dragon is basically a sticker. Is it interesting? LOL.

Btw, glad to tell you a free camera is provided for this GA5151W and other hot Android Car DVD Player, as we have awesome Deals of the Week for you! Only 100 pcs of free camera available, first come, first served! Catch deals of the week now!


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