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GA5153F & GA5153W Android Car GPS Now Confirmed to Fit Even More VW Models & Free Camera Provided

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A good news to tell you if you're a Volkswagen owner, now it's confirmed that Eonon GA5153F/GA5153W Android Car Stereo can fit even more 2014-2015 cars like BORA(2011-2015), CADDY(2003-2015), EOS(2006-2015), JETTA(2006-2015), SAGITAR(2005-2015), SCIROCCO(2008-2015). You can definitely get our unit GA5153F(with DVD function) or GA5153W(without DVD function) if your car is among them.

And an even greater news for all the car owners, now we have an awesome deal to celebrate the release of Eonon new website, a free camera & extended 60-day warranty provided! Interested in it? GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation is on sale too. Just check more details here:


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