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5 Hot Functions Of Car DVD Players Make Your Driving Convenient And Funny

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Nowadays, it is common to find Car DVD in many drivers' cars. There are many kinds of Car DVD Players with various functions. So which functions are the most must needed and the hottest functions? This article can tell you.

1.Digital Touch Screen. While driving, you need to pay attention to the safety of driving. With Car DVD Players, it will greatly improve the safety. Instead of pressing the button on the panel, now you can touch with your finger on the screen, which is easy and convenient.

2.Steering Wheel Control. Still busy at choosing the different functions by pressing these buttons on panel? This is really a dangerous thing for drivers, it can divide your mind to other these small things and not focus on your driving. Now In Car DVD with steering wheel control function, you can easily choose the function by controlling the wheel, isn't it very cool?

3.Car GPS. Whatever you are and wherever you are, the GPS function is the best guide for car drivers. No matter you are young or old, clever or fool, GPS can give you the best and shortest way to reach the destination. You will never be afraid to be lost on the way.

4.Car DVD Player. Durning the time on the busy traffic, why not watching movies to spend that annoy time? And DVD player can perfectly solve this problem. You can watch the digital TV or analog TV, also choose movies from the DVD or CD, or select the movies from your SD or USB. You cannot find this annoy time passing so quickly.

5.Bluetooth. Now everyone cannot live without mobile phone in this society. While you are driving, there is a call in, you have to reach your phone and then answer for the call. There are so many accidents caused by phone calls. So why not choosing Bluetooth to avoid such danger. Connect your mobile phone with the Car DVD Players by Bluetooth, and you can receive the calls with hands free. What's more, you can connect iPod to listen to the music. Just enjoy your journey with music!


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