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The Advantages of Sygic Map in Car GPS Navigation

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There're different types of maps for the Car GPS navigation. The most common ones are Sygic, igo, tomto, Garmin, ect. Eonon Best Car GPS use the legal edition Sygic map. Why we choose sygic? Here’re the advantages of this new map:
1. Wide coverage of areas, full POI information.
2. Calculation for the navigation routes is accurate and rapid.
3. Partner of Tele Altas, which is the biggest digital mapping, navigation and map data solutions in the world. And the updates for maps are more quick.
4. Support multi-platform application.
5. More than 6 years verification and approval in the market.
6. Great before sale and after sale service provided.

What's more, now many Eonon Car GPS comes with the newest 2012 Sygic map. It has the following 2 more functions: Speed Camera and TTS:

Speed Camera Alert:
With rich speed camera warning database, when you drive over the speed limit, alerts to roadside sentinels are available, which will highly secure your safety and help you avoid penalty.

Text to Speech:
Speech is generated based on the text that needs "reading", it will tell you "Turn right on Maple Street in 400 yards" instead of just "Turn right in 400 yards." It's particularly helpful when you are navigating in a denser area with plenty of streets and help you pick which street to turn to.

Many customers required for these, now we have added them. Hope you become more and more in love with Eonon! Since Eonon is always put customer into 1st priority. Enjoy! You can visit this page to know more about great Eonon Car GPS: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS-Navigations.html


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