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Basic Wiring for Eonon Car DVD

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It's asked frequently these days by our customers: "Why I can't watch video while driving?" Actually it's a very basic but important wiring issue which every one should know clearly. Besides, there're some other essential wiring which you need to know, here Eonon would like to share with you guys :) (Take G2216 Car DVD for example, but all the models are similar):

1. How to watch videos while driving?
Mount the brake wire(No.2) of your Car GPS to the ground wire(A3 in ISO port). If they're not connected, there will be a "Warning" displayed without picture. But the sound is OK. You need to connect them to make it work.
2. How to mount a camera to a Car DVD Player, and make it turn on automatically while reversing?
Connect the VIDEO OUT of camera to BACK SIGHT VIDEO IN(No. 14) of head unit,
Connect the reversing wire(No.1) of head unit to your reversing gear in your car.
Connect the power cable of camera to the power of reversing light of your car.
After these 3 steps, you can realize the camera function.
3. For the units with dimmer function, how to make it dim automatically while at night?(Like G2216, G1306, etc)
Connect the illumination wire(No. 13) to the positive pole of car light.
4. How to connect the Steering Wheel Control cables?
Our stardard 1 Din/2 Din Car DVD with SWC function are using AD conversion SWC method. So firstly please make sure your car uses AD conversion too rather than Can bus. The unit usually has 3 or 4 control cables need to connect:
- A steering wheel control power cable +5 V.
- A black is ground cable.
- One or two data cables 1 or 2.
Please connect to the 3 or 4 wires of vehicle's steering wheel control correspondingly:
SW1(No. 3 wire) to SW1, SWC2(No. 4 wire) to SWC2, GND to the ground.

Hope these info helps guys! Make sure the necessary wiring are well connected, then the corresponding function can be realized without problem. Thanks!


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