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Frequently Asked Questions About The Technical Words About Car DVD Players

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Whatever you are choosing, using or purchasing car dvd, there is always various kinds of hard to understand technical words you need to ask keen to get the right answers. Now this article is chiefly to reply to the most often asked query people need to know.

1. What is preamp RCA outputs of car dvd players?

Preamp RCA outputs give you the allowance to connect or more outside amplifiers. The subwoofer output is an important feature as it offers you cleaner low frequencies for your subs in comparison with a standard front or rear set of outputs.

2. What is impedance in In Car DVD?

The load value in ohms said per voice coil. It is the amount of resistance to the current flow. This is a key specification as subs wired in parallel or low impedances can generate issues together together with your amplifier potentially void all warranties.

3. What is Ohm of Car Video DVD?
Ohm is a unit of measurement that quantifies the amount of impedance in a speaker. Impedance can measure a speaker's resistance to the flow of current.

4. What is the difference between "in series" "in parallel" wiring speakers in Car GPS Navigation?

In series, each speaker you add will increase the resistance, or Ohm load, in the channel. Add up each speaker's impedance to get the total impedance. So the sum of ohm speakers in series is equal to 8 ohms of total impedance. The higher the impedance an amplifier runs at, the smaller the amount of power flow. Plenty of amplifiers can run at either ohm or ohm lots, while some are stable at ohm lots for optimal RMS performance. To connect speakers in series, link the positive lead from speaker to the amplifier's positive terminal, link the negative lead from speaker to the positive lead of speaker. Link the negative lead from speaker to the amplifier's negative terminal.

In parallel, each speaker you add will decrease the resistance in the channel. The sum of the inverse of each speaker's impedance is equal to the total impedance. So ohm speakers in parallel is equal to 4+4 = 2 ohm. Knowledge of your amplifier's capability ohm rating is necessary in order to select the wiring configuration. Knowledge of your speakers ohm rating (usually ohms) the number of voice coils is necessary as well. You ought to usually limit your amplifier usage to speakers per channel. To connect speakers in parallel, connect each speaker's positive lead to the amplifier's positive terminal, connect each speaker's negative lead to the amplifier's negative terminal.


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