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Eonon Car DVD Players Which Support Logo Change & Detailed Methods

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Want to set your beloved car make as your start-up logo? For some Eonon Car DVD GPS, you can customize your start-up logo at wish, which can match perfectly with your original vehicle. What Eonon models have this ability? How to change the logo?

2 Din Car DVD:
D2216 & G2216:
Both of them allows you to change the car logo easily among as many as 45 logos, which can match perfectly with your original vehicle. D2216 Car DVD is without GPS, while G2216 is with GPS function, just choose the one you prefer.

D2208 Car DVD:
There're 9 start up logos for you to choose.

Specific Car DVD:
No need to introduce more, most of you may like to set the your specific car logo as your start up screen.
D5101 for VW Polo/Golf: /car-dvd-Players/Specific-Car-DVD/D5101.html
D5102 for Mazda 3: /car-dvd-Players/Specific-Car-DVD/D5102.html
D5105 for Ford Focus: /car-dvd-Players/Specific-Car-DVD/D5105.html
D5106 for Camry: /car-dvd-Players/Specific-Car-DVD/D5106.html
So how to change the logo?
For D2208 Car DVD:
Just enter SETTING, select LOGO option, and choose the logo you like.
For D5101, D5102, D5105, D5106 best car gps, the method is the same:
1. Enter the menu of SETUP.
2. Click the icon in the up right of GENERAL, there will be many car logos appear.
3. Choose the one you like and click once. Then the logo is set.
Hope it really helps your desicion of choosing your favorable unit, and also, provides you the skills of changing logos!


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