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Car DVD with iPod Connection

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Which is the most popular MP3 player in the world? Sure it's the ipod! Also, many people may also listen the music via iphone, ipad, but ipod is still very common and highly welcomed around the globe. That's why a Car DVD player now is also with such ipod connection. That's to say, by connecting ipod to a Car DVD, they can hear the music in louder speaker in their car publicly, but not from the headphone anymore. That's would a great effect and good entertainment experience for your ride.

So the car dvd is with ipod now. Do you know what is ipod? Let me briefly introduce you:  iPod is a line of media players created and marketed by Apple company. The product lineconsists of the iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle. As with many other digital MP3 players, iPods can serve as external data storage devices, and connect to other media devices like TV or Car DVD. Storage capacity varies by model, ranging from 2 GB for the iPod shuffle to 160 GB for the iPod classic.

Now you know what is ipod, now let' see what are best car gps with ipod connection. The connection ipod is one of must-have features for you to choose a car DVD. Imagine you can enjoy thousands of your beloved songs from your ipod, but come from the louder speaker, the the whole car is lighten up, all the passengers can share the happiness with you, that's the magic of modern tech, and the magic music! Then you won't feel tired or boring anymore in your driving.

Except play music from ipod, many car DVD nowadays has another great feature. Sometime your ipod may runs out of battery, and the music may suddenly stops. But if connecting to a senior car DVD player, the ipod can be charged automatically while it's connected to the Car DVD. So you don't spend extra hours of charing it separately anymore.

And also, if you're still not satisfied enough, you want to watch videos from your ipod or ipad, you can add a COMPOSITE RCA AV Cable for iPod/iPhone/iPad to enable this feature.

Nearly all of Eonon car DVD player can support ipod connection, some of them allow the auto charging for ipod too. You can take a look at their website here: www.eonon.com


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