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Dual Zone Function for a Best Double Din Head Unit

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Many best double din head unit today have very user-friendly function such as the Dual Zone function. Usually it's in the all-in-one Car DVD/GPS unit. What does it really mean? Let me tell you, usually it has 2 meanings:

1. Enjoy Car Navigation with car speakers in the front zone; while passengers in the rear can enjoy DVD movies through the AV output of the unit.
When you're navigating in the front, your customers will get boring since it's non of their business. Can they also have some entertainment in the back seat, watch some movies or listen to some music from the headrest monitors? Sure if your car dvd player has such function, they will get much more delighted. Just install a pair of headrest monitors in the back, and connect it to the Car DVD, then your wife, or your girl friend, or your kid will get highly satisfied. And all of you will have a happy journey no matter it's long or not.

2. You can listen to the music while using Car GPS at the same time.

With the car DVD player, you can not only listen to the music, watch movies but also play consoling games. Turn off the music player if you want to have the GPS function at the same time. It is really annoying since we can just only one choice from either the car DVD or the GPS. Sure many scientists are devoting in the development of a best car gps which can combine the two functions together. Then the dual zone born.  It's just what the users are looking for and can cater to their needs conveniently. With the dual zone function, you can enjoy the music and make use of the navigation simultaneously. Then there is no need to waste your precious time. What you have to do is just press the Navi button and then the car DVD will realize the process automatically.

Usually, In GPS dual zone, it can be realized between GPS and other modes like DVD/USB/SD/TV/AUX/IPOD modes. Different Car DVD may have different functions. For Eonon Car GPS, they're all with the great dual zone function. Do you know how to realize it? It's very simple:
1. Enter into GPS mode and run the GPS
2. Switch to another mode such as DVD/RADIO.
3. Long press the GPS button on the panel into GPS mode, then you can navigate and watch DVD at the same time.

More about great Eonon Car GPS please refer here: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS-Navigations.html


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