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Eonon D5102 Mazda Car DVD Install Guide

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Eonon D5102 is one of Eonon's most popular specific Car DVD player. It's welcomed by many Mazda 3 owners, they share their reive, like and using experience in several forums, and really enjoy it. Here is the installation guide written by one of their loyal fans Jared. Many other customers have benefit a lot from it.

Hope this D5102 Car DVD installation guide is useful to you too, you can read it as below:

Difficulty: 1 / 5
Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, Flat head screwdriver, Electric tape
Time: 15 minutes - 1 hour

Installation Steps:
1. Open the glove box
Find the indent in the bottom of trim panel around the LCD (in the middle of the long strip)Pull towards the back of the car to pop out the clips, continue towards the glove box and toward the steering wheel(If you have trouble getting this off cover a flat head screwdriver in electric tape to prevent damage and use it to release the clips)
Once the steering wheel side is completely loose push the whole strip towards the passenger doorRemove the trim panel.

2. Remove the two Phillips screws holding the unit in place at the top
Grab and slide the whole old HU out of the dash.
Disconnect the main factory harness by pushing the tab and pulling the two connectors apart
Disconnect the radio antenna by twisting and pulling
Newer models will have a second small harness plugged in, disconnect this as well
Unscrew the factory LCD and unplug it from the harness

Remove the two top screws for the upper vent panel with the hazards button on it
Pull upwards to pop this panel off
Once you can get under squeeze the harness for the button on it's sides and pull towards the windshield to remove it
Lift the panel completely off. (the vents just friction fit into the heating system)

Remove the two shipping screws on the top of the unit and discard
Mount the LCD bracket to the unit and screw it on
Screw the LCD to the mounting bracket

3. Plug the small end of the harness into the D5102
Screw on the GPS antenna
Run the antenna up into the area above the vents
Secure it to the inside of the dash with some double stick tape or Velcro to keep it from sliding around
Plug the big red harness into the matching factory harness until it clicks

Slide the radio into the hole
Plug the LCD back in
You may need to adjust the angle of the LCD slightly to make it line up properly
Replace the top vent panel and screw it back in

5. Slide the trim into the notch then give it a few taps to lock the tabs down
Close the glove box
Verify everything is still working properly.
You're done.

Hope it helps with your Eonon D5102 best car GPS Enjoy!


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