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Eonon D5105 Ford GPS Steering Wheel Control Modification Guide

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Some guys may find the steering wheel control can work properly in Eonon D5105 Ford GPS, you don't need to modify the loom as follows.

If you find the SWC can't work well in D5105 Car DVD GPS, please refer to the below instruction. Special thanks to our loyal and warm hearted customer Chris Meechan, he shared with everyone how to make the D5105's steering wheel control work in European Ford Focus. He has a 06 Ford Focus XR5, same as 56 plate ST. Just change 2 wires of loom is OK, here are the steps:

1. Removed the 3 wires circled in the harness of D5105 best Car GPS (you need to remove the white connector from the quadlock and use a pin to release the wires).

2. On the other side of the white connector are one brown and one black wire, these need to be moved, brown moves directly up, black moves directly down.

3. After this change steering controls function perfectly.

Hope it helps, good luck with your installation!


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