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General Guide for Installing a Car DVD

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In our previous blogs, we have introduced you how to pick a good car dvd, and the different Car DVD types. Now if you have already got it, then the next step will be installing the unit. How to make it?

Usually there's 2 ways to install a Car DVD Player: Use a portable model or one that mounts permanently in your car. Here I' like to introduce you the later one, which is more widely seen in the market.

Installing a best car gps takes several hours.

Firstly, you should removing the old factory car stereo by some basic tools. You need to remove the dash fascia and trim.

Secondly, by these tools, you need to detach the existing car stereo unit from its mounting brackets and wiring harness.

Thirdly, read your Car DVD player's instruction manual to see if the head unit requires other mounting kit to fit your dash. If you have to mount new kit, remove the old ones firstly and set them aside.

Fourthly, connect the necessary wires to your car one by one, this is a very important step. Generally speaking, you will need to connect the BATT、ACC、GND wires, then the unit can be powered on. If you want to hear sound from it, just connect the speaks wire: FR/FL/RR/RL, or if you have subwoofer, just connect them correctly, you can enjoy even more advanced sound effect. Some head unit may have steering wheel control function. You need to connect the wires to your car also.

The last step is turning one the unit to test the function of it. If both the visual and sound effect and without problem, and all the other functions can perform well. If so, then your installation is a big success.

Other Tips:
Please choose a best double din head unit which has a good warranty and customer service since these units are often very expensive to repair and replace.

Don't use too much force when removing the dash components or mounting hardware, as you could permanently damage them.


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