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Get a Best Car GPS Working in your Car Quickly

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If you have a Car DVD Player, Do you know how to connect it? Today, we will tell you how to get a DVD player working in your car quickly.

As we all know that best double din head unit is designed to work with a 12-volt Direct Current Negative Ground electrical system. Such as Eonon G2103 unit, you just connect it's cable like this way: ACC (red) is connected to the ignition switch; & BATT (yellow) + is connected to 12V of your car; GND is connected to the ground. Then it will turn on and work well.          

But if your vehicle has a different system, you need to purchase a voltage inverter. The Car DVD won't work if the ground isn't in place, and incorrect connections can cause damage to the player. So check everything again: Disconnect the car battery's negative terminal. That's the thick black cable, Connect the black cable from the DVD player to the car's chassis. Connect the yellow constant 12-volt lead from the DVD player to a live terminal in the fuse block connecting to the car battery. And connect the red cable to an accessory terminal in the fuse block.

Generally, Eonon best car gps will come with some specific cables which have some important function. Such as the back car control cable, If you don't use a reverse camera, you don't need to connect this cable. But if you use a reverse camera, you need to connect the back car control cable to the reverse gear or reverse switch in your car, or it will display "RV" "BACK" or "CAM"on the screen. In this case, the buttons on the panel and remote controller can not work and there is no sound, no operation can be done.

And have you met that the Car DVD Player display " Warning" and without picture, but the sound is OK? This is a common phenomenon. You just connect the braking cable to the Ground cable. Then you can play discs and listen to the music smoothly. Do you think these tips are useful or nor? After reading the above informations, then you will get the DVD player working perfectly in your car!


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