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How to Pick a Best Car GPS?

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Have you ever confused about which way to go while driving on the road? How to get your destination? Don't worry, Car GPS navigation will take you to the right place! These Car  GPS relies on a host of satellites to determine where you are.

There're many Car GPS system in the market. How to pick a best Car GPS?

1. Firstly ask yourself, how often do you intend to use the system? Some cheap car gps can simply plug in to your car's cigarette lighter and are small & portable to store in your glove box, you can take it away while you leave the car. But they're not as user-friendly. But if you want a senior good Car GPS, you'd better choose a OEM GPS navigation which can fit your dash board perfectly.

2. Find a Car GPS system that features many ways of getting to your destination. This can include by address book, intersection, or via a location selected directly from the map.

3. Look for a Car GPS that gives you voice guidance and also graphical directions. The GPS usually is incorporated in a Car DVD player. The big screen will display the name of the street on which you are about to make a turn or on which you are traveling. It will also give you verbal directions as you're getting close to a turn.

4. Point of Interest(POI) is a very important feature for Car GPS navigation, it contains many useful information such as Automotive Service/Hotel/Eat & Drink/Shopping/Leisure Center/Medical Services/Transport Information and so on. Make sure your car GPS also have this function. And it's better that your GPS can get the updates of POI.

5. You should also consider about about the installation time if you don't have so much time. Systems that incorporated in a Car DVD will have more complicated installation process than the portable GPS. If you don't know how to install it, it's better for you to go to the installer's shop.

6. Look for the system with more versatile functions, such as DVD player, radio, bluetooth, ipod connection, steering wheel control, ect. It will make your entertainment to be more interesting. Then units with dual zone function can realize GPS in the front, and DVD/SD/USB/IPOD play at the same time.

By following these buying tips, you will definitely get a best double din head unit without problem. Good luck with your purchase!


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