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How to Connect a Headrest Monitor to a Car DVD GPS

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Many guys who have the Car DVD may also want to get a pair of headrest monitor to enhance their in car entertainment. Since they also want their passengers enjoy the wonderful movies behind the seats. So you may ask, how hard is it? Actually it's an easy job if you follow this instruction made by one of Eonon's fans Jezza, he take his E1080M mouting to Eonon D5103 as an example:

He purchased a long AV cable to run under the trim to the signal amplifier a couple of suitable Y AV connectors for audio connection. Then he wired the headrest to Car DVD Player this way:

1. Connect the audio in of AV cable to No. 15 (white) of the Car DVD GPS, No. 16(Red) Audio Out, connect video in of AV cable (yellow) to No. 14 AUX video out.

2. Connect the other end of the video out of AV cable (yellow) to video in on the video amplifier, the audio cables connected to each of the Y AV connectors he purchased. Red to one connector, white to the other.

3. Connect each of the monitors video cable (yellow) to the amplifier. One into video 01 the other monitor to video 02.

4. Connected the audio cables from the monitors to the Y connectors keeping all the red to one connector all the white to the other connector.

Hope it helps! To get a great headrest monitor, you can take a look at this Eonon catalog: http://www.eonon.com/Car-Monitors/Headrest.html
Good luck with your installation!


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