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The Importance of Warranty for Car DVD Player

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All of the electronic products has the warranty including Car DVD Player. The standard warranty period for Car DVD is 1 year in the market. It's rare to see 2 year warranty. But few companies  has as long as 2 year warranty. Actually when you buy a electronics products, it's very important for you to stick to a good after sale service. Since the durability may easily get affected due to the influence of time and atmosphere.

Eonon is one of the few best car gps providers offering 2 year warranty, steady products and service. It can satisfy most of their customers' needs. What is their detailed policy?
1) They offer 2 years' warranty to all the products which are sold on their official websites, including www.eonon.com, http://it.eonon.com/, http://www.eonon.co.uk/, http://de.eonon.com/. But they are not responsible for the products which you buy from eBay reseller or your local reseller. The warranty of these products will depend on the policy of the resellers themselves.

2) Customers should complete the guarantee form when you receive the product; the warranty will be valid only for those products registered online: http://www.eonon.com/warranty/warranty.aspx They recommend our customers consult a professional for installation. Installation fee is NOT included if replacement is necessary or independent repair is done on an item.

3) The item's warranty becomes invalid:(1) If damage is caused by: undue wear & tear, dirt, misuse, improper installation or operation, neglect, or accident.(2) If the warranty seal is removed or damaged.(3) If the item was opened, any parts of the item were removed or repaired by an unauthorized person.They promise: If customer report a factory defective product.

In 0-- 14 days:

They change a brand new product for customers FOR FREE! That is in 2 weeks!

15 days

1 month:

A replacement will be sent to customer or if theres no replacement, customer can also get a new unit by paying the shipping fee for sending back to you.

More than 1 month2 years:


Free testing & repair service is provided within 2 years! 

Replacement will be provided so that customer dont need to wait that long in most of the case! 

So you know, buying from a provider with good warranty can secure your future usage for the best double din head unit. You should pay high attention to it before your purchase.


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