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Improvements About New Eonon D5102 Mazda 3 Car DVD

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It's well known that Eonon D5102 Specific Mazda 3 Car DVD is one of our best sellers, and lately new version has come out with a more attractive new UI . Except the UI, what are other improvements? Here we would like to tell you more details, with some FAQ. Especially thanks to Jared Friedman, he created the world's unique Wiki of D5102 with passion and expertise! He's one of our most loyal fans! Actually some info here are originated from him.

Improvements (Compare with old one)
1. Add an AV ON/OFF button to allow you to listen to the Navi instruction separately in this Car DVD. The old one does not have this function.
2. Greatly shorten the switch time to the reversing interface when reverse the car. The old one need to wait 12 sec, while the new one only take 1.5 sec.
3. When reversing the car, the sound from the unit will automatically decrease, so that you can hear the voice of your radar more clearly. For safety consideration.
4. You can turn off the key tone. The key tone sometimes is really annoying while you are listening music or radio, especially it comes out from the speaker. In the new unit, you can turn it off.
5. The change on the UI, is more easy to operate, it integrate all the frequently used button into one page, you don’t need to switch between 2 pages while setting. This is very important while you are driving. What’s more, compare with the old one, you will find the CD/MP3 interface is more easy to operate too.
6. The most important thing is that the whole unit was improved in the PCB unit(that is the greatest change), it will enable the unit to operate more steadily than before. And you will also find that the audio effect is also better than the old one. Try to play the same disc, you will find the difference.

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