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Hurry Up! Eonon Promote Large Discount Car DVD Players For Limited Time!

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 Are you still wondering where to buy the best quality car dvd players for your car with the lowest price? Don't hesitate any more, come here! Eonon now is holding a big discount for all car drivers. The price won't be the lowest but much lower than any price, you can even buy one car dvd player below 200 USD! Among so many car dvd players sold online, how many shops can offer such low price?

Now follow this article to check these car dvd. All hot functions can be found with these units. So introduce these hot function for you, makes you know more clearly about these functions.
1. GPS function. You can choose different maps of car gps according to the country you live now. Eonon supply USA/Canada map, Western Europe map and Australia map for customers to choose. Although Eonon uses Sygic Navi system, it also can be extended to be iGO and other navi system. You can also choose the unit with dual zone function. Dual zone function enables you to enjoy the GPS navi while the passagers in the rear seat can watch DVD movies with the AUX output of the unit. You are also allowed to listen to the music while use GPS navi.
2. Bluetooth function. With bluetooth function of in car dvd, you can connect it to your phone which also support bluetooth function. Then you can use the unit to make phone calls with your hands free. It can greatly improve your safety while driving.
3. Steering wheel control function. This is the newest and most powerful function of car monitors people loves. You can set the steering wheel control to fulfill any function you want to set on the steering wheel. Then when you need to choose any function, just control the steering wheel and it can easily go to the interface you want.
4. DVD player function. It will be an interesting journey if you enjoy movies while driving the car. The bored time will be passed away quickly. Not only the young but the old can enjoy the movies.
5. Radio function. You can enjoy to listen to the radio. Many car video dvd have preset radio stations and you can enjoy it easily.


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