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How to Make Standard Vauxhall AUX Input Work With Eonon D5103/D5107/D5108Z Opel Raido

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For some Corsa user, you may find the standard Vauxhall aux input won't work with your D5103/D5107/D5108Z specific Opel Radio. Here we'd like to share with you the modification methods to get it work.
Method 1:
1. Take the 'Special Port' of your D5103/D5107/D5108Z Car DVD which looks like this:

2. Pull apart the two black clips at the bottom to remove a white block which will have three wires running into it:

3. Remove the wires by pressing a small object (you can use a ball point pen) into the slot on the side of the white block, pushing in the metal barb holding it in place and allowing you to pull it out:

4. Then replace them in the correct configuration, as shown below:

(this is the top side)Plug it back in and the AUX will work. :) It will only take you 3 minutes to do.

Method 2:
The aux inputs on the Eonon Car DVD are 2x female RCA jacks, while the standard one is a few wires that go into the back of the quadlock connector.
If you want to make the standard AUX input work, you can also use a conversion cable to connect them. Lots of these cables are available on ebay. All you would need is something like this:

you would have to replace the current female jack plug in the center console with this one and wire it up tot he back of the HU. That will be OK.

Hope it helps! And have fun with your D5103/D5107/D5108Z best car gps!


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